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Countless Black pioneers have transformed Black life in America. Learn more about their lives and contributions to Black history and culture Black History Month is a time to celebrate the history and culture of Black people. Learn six ways you can celebrate Black History Month this year. The Pan-African flag has a rich cultural history. Take this opportunity to learn about the symbolism and power behind this piece of iconography. College students spend hours studying. But are there better ways to study in college? These 11 study tips will help you study smarter, not harder. Some colleges give you more bang for your buck. Check out these 10 public colleges with the best return on investment for students in 2022. Germany's public universities are free to students from anywhere in the world — but enrollment and visa requirements take some navigating. As students increasingly use TikTok to discuss the ins and outs of the college experience, some are becoming influencers with large followings. College applicants have to juggle a lot of deadlines, making it difficult to keep track. Learn what to do if you miss a college application deadline. Interested in the medical billing and coding industry, but not sure what the difference is between the two professions? This guide explores medical billing vs. medical coding. Curate fashionable, weather-appropriate winter college outfits. Find the best winter boots for college students, the best winter coats for college, and more! Mayim Bialik will host the two-week February tournament featuring students from 36 schools across the country. Stay tuned to BestColleges for updates. Attorneys general from 39 states accused the student loan servicer of offering borrowers risky, subprime loans. Martin Luther King Jr. led a revolution for civil rights in America. Explore beyond the speeches to learn more about what made Dr. King a historical icon. Didn't receive enough financial aid to attend your target college? Consider submitting an appeal letter to explain your situation and request more money. Saving money in college can feel overwhelming. These 16 money-saving apps will teach you how to budget so you can reach your financial goals. Community college bachelor's degrees are popular and proliferating. University leaders fear the worst, but those fears are largely unfounded. Meant to help first-year students transition to college, peer mentoring offers a plethora of benefits for both mentee and mentor. Trade schools can be a direct route to job stability, high salary potential, and personal fulfillment in your career. Learn more about the importance of trades in today's economy. Returning to college is a big commitment. Make sure you think through your reasons for returning and how you can make it happen. Many students start to build credit in college. Learn the pros and cons of getting a student credit card and how to build credit wisely. Student parents face unique barriers. These 12 colleges offer the best resources and benefits for students with children. 28 Row is creating a community where college women can discuss shared experiences, offer emotional support and grow their social media presence. Early decision is binding, but you can still back out of an early decision offer if needed. Learn about college policies on breaking this contract. The university and student workers reached a deal after two years of negotiations and many counter offers. Learn about merit-based and need-based financial aid and how you can get the support needed to fund your higher education journey. Check out these 10 personal finance books for college students. Learn how to take control of your future, pay off debt, and achieve financial independence. Extracurriculars can make a big difference during the admissions process. Learn more about how to choose these activities in our guide. The billionaire famously dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft. Now, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is helping students make better choices about where to go to college. Today, college esports are more popular than ever. Check out our picks for the 10 best college varsity esports programs of 2022. There are many lucrative positions in social work for advanced degree-holders. Learn more about the highest-paying social work jobs. As social work continues to grow, degree-holders can apply their skills in either a traditional social work career or one of eight related emerging roles. Browse our New Year's resolution list for 2022. Explore New Year's resolution ideas that can help improve your health, grades, and finances. Spring semester typically runs from mid- or late January into May. Learn more about when spring semester starts and schools with spring admission policies. What better way to take a break from studying than a holiday day trip? Check out 15 of the best Christmas towns that are perfect for a winter break getaway. Students can participate in holiday volunteer opportunities to expand their network and make an impact on their communities. COVID-19 concerns are prompting some schools — most notably Harvard — to return to online learning for the start of next semester. Learn where a degree in exercise science can take you. This guide also discusses the salary and career outlook for this field. Winter doesn't have to be gloomy. Lift your spirits and enjoy the season with outdoor and indoor winter activities. HBO's "Insecure" exposes the realities of inequity. Read more to discover the lessons students can learn from the show. Campus closings during winter break impact students experiencing homelessness. Learn how to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students this year. A large number of working Americans plan to leave their jobs next year and are preparing for new opportunities by acquiring career-related skills. We found seven colleges with the most holiday spirit and the best winter student life calendars. Check out their epic festivities and events. Dave Chappelle's new stand-up special is a reflection of modern-day transphobia. Learn why his rhetoric causes harm. Winter break study abroad programs take students around the globe. Learn more about how short-term study abroad programs work in college. Mentors support students and help them meet academic and career goals. Check out this list of college mentorship programs to find the right fit for you. Mentors can be valuable resources for college students and recent grads. Learn how to ask for mentorship in a professional and polite manner. Diversity has become increasingly important in the tech industry. Learn how two Black industry leaders are paving the way for representation in the field. Looking for a gift for the student in your life that won't break the bank? Check out our guide of inexpensive present ideas. Job security remains a key goal for many U.S. workers. By pursuing one of the most in-demand jobs, you can enjoy years of steady employment. A college mentor can support students in their academic and professional pursuits. Learn what a good mentor looks like and how to find one. Explore the best places to go over winter break. Browse housing options, temporary employment, and winter break trip ideas for college students. Learn about the value of high school mentorship programs and find a program that matches your needs and goals. Build Back Better includes nearly $400 billion to expand childcare access, a potential game changer for college students raising children. Federal student loan deferment ends in May, and 69% of borrowers will need to make repayment adjustments. We spoke with six people about their plans. Continued political pressures threaten to erode tenure on public campuses and compromise academic freedom. Unions have become a contentious topic on college campuses as faculty, staff, and student employees demand better working conditions and pay. Learn about the challenges first-generation college students experience in school and after graduation, and how colleges can support these learners. Stuck on writing a "why this college" essay? This guide breaks down how to write a "why us" college essay to impress your dream school. A handful of colleges currently accept tuition payments in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Higher ed advocacy groups want to extend federal financial aid to DACA recipients and adopt definitions included in the Dream Act of 2021. Explore the differences between the Common App vs. the Coalition App. Learn how these platforms can help with college applications. Looking to make some extra cash over the holidays? Check out our guide describing nine winter seasonal jobs for college students. The new omicron variant of the virus may alter the way schools view COVID vaccine boosters, however. Mayim Bialik will host the tournament featuring faculty from across the country. Stay tuned to BestColleges for updates. Want to reenter the workforce? These seven tips cover applications, interviews, and more ways to ease the transition. What's the best way to survive finals week while also boosting your academic performance? These tips can prepare you to master college finals week. Winter session can help undergrads earn their degree faster, but there are downsides. Learn about the pros and cons of signing up for winter courses. A letter of interest can help you get jobs at companies that aren't hiring. Use our guide to learn how to craft this document. The College Student Hunger Act would allow nearly 7 million Pell Grant recipients to be eligible for SNAP benefits. A recent report found that HBCUs are driving the social mobility of Black graduates better than other institutions. Check out our guide to the best Christmas gifts on the market for the college student in your life. The CDC strengthened its COVID-19 booster shot recommendation on Nov. 29 in response to the omicron variant. Canadian universities are more affordable than those in other English-speaking countries. Still, international student's pay the most, and tuition increases every year. Wondering what gift to get the college student in your life? Check out our guide for 50 great options. As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, learn the true origins of Thanksgiving and how our modern understandings of the holiday really began. Explore our picks for the best GMAT prep books as you work to raise your score on this important business school entrance exam. The Democratic senator in a letter to Maximus said she is worried that student loan borrowers may be subject to "poor service and abusive behavior.” Find the perfect present for your Secret Santa gift exchange and get ready to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank. Two bootcamps just earned national accreditation, bringing participants one step closer to receiving federal financial aid and Pell Grants. Find the best TOEFL prep books. These resources help international students prepare for the exam and develop effective test-taking strategies. In a recent survey of high school students, 29% said that the pandemic’s financial impact lessened their likelihood of pursuing a degree. There's been a rise in women in education over the last 40 years, but during the same period, men have increasingly dropped out or avoided enrolling entirely. The Build Back Better framework would increase the maximum grant, but only for students attending public and private nonprofit colleges and universities. Interested in a career in cryptocurrency? Want to learn about Bitcoin or Ethereum? Check out these colleges offering courses on blockchain and decentralized finance. Educational technology refers to the use of digital tools to enhance learning. Discover the best EdTech tools and get tips for using them effectively. Discover top books for trans and nonbinary students written by trans authors, and learn more about diverse experiences of gender identity. The relationship between social media use and college students' mental health became increasingly complex during the pandemic. The 2020-21 academic year saw the sharpest decline in international enrollees in more than 70 years, according to a new report. Skilled trades apprenticeships and internships can help launch high-paying, in-demand careers. Learn what to expect from an apprenticeship. Discover common misconceptions about trade school, and learn how skills-focused practical training can lead to rewarding, well-paying careers. The #BlackburnTakeover protest movement was demanding improvements to on-campus housing. We've compiled the best ACT prep books for 2022. Find a guide to boost your scores and impress college admissions committees. Increasingly, an associate degree or certificate program is the ticket to a high-paying job in tech. The $500 million allocation is the first time the federal government has funded programs to address college graduation rates. The SAT plays a key role in college admissions. Discover the best SAT prep books and learn how to raise your score and impress colleges. Though there's no unanimous answer, one university consistently dominates international rankings. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a pilot program at 15 institutions to help improve data collection and identify equity gaps. Need to improve your GRE score? This following guide introduces the seven best GRE prep courses online and explains GRE online testing options. Studying for the GMAT? Here are the best GMAT prep courses to help you ace the exam and impress business schools. Learn about underrepresentation in STEM. Find out how schools can better support Hispanic students in their pursuit of STEM careers. Rep. James E. Clyburn said the legislation is necessary because Black veterans were not given equal access to GI Bill benefits after the war. Here’s what the most recent census by Student Veterans of America reveals about student veterans across the country. A poor midterm grade in college can be disappointing. But with the right strategies, you can bounce back over the rest of the term. California boasts more colleges than any other state. But what are the best college towns in California? Learn more about our top picks. The draft constitution still bars schools from paying athletes to play but would include greater representation for student-athletes in the org's governance. Enrollment at tribal colleges and universities is growing. Learn about tribal colleges and their impact on higher education and tribal communities. In a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona seven senators pushed for regulatory changes for higher education and student loans. Supporting student veterans first means understanding their diverse experiences. Find out what drives student veterans to academic success. Not sure of the best way to prepare for the GED test? Read on to learn which GED prep book is right for you. Score higher on the MCAT by completing an MCAT prep course. We review six of the best options in this guide. Learn how the multiracial population is growing and how schools can better support students who have a multiracial identity. The college completion gap for Latino students is a complex issue that has systemic roots. Read more about the impact of this phenomenon. Choosing a career in STEM can be lucrative and rewarding. Learn whether you should consider pursuing a STEM major with our decision tree. College students often experience the winter blues once the holidays are over. We've listed a few tips and tricks to beat the winter blues in college. Biden's spending plan prioritizes funding for HBCUs, tribal colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and other minority-serving schools. Not every career requires a bachelor's degree. If you're considering entering a vocation, check out these popular — and lucrative — trade school jobs. Wildlife biology is an exciting and rewarding career, but it can be tough to land a job. Find out from an expert how to succeed in this field. Millions of undergrads leave college without a degree. But before taking that drastic step, consider the alternatives to dropping out of college. In the face of increasing public scrutiny, can legacy admissions persist much longer? The NCAA Accountability Act would provide due process protections for universities and individuals under investigation. Discover the challenges and opportunities full-time vs. part-time students face and get tips on which college experience is right for you. How long has it been since you updated your resume? Use these tips to update your resume for maximum results. Management is a broad discipline, but most master's in management programs equip learners to oversee business operations in various capacities. In these programs, students learn how to strategize business practices, lead employees, serve clients, and network with business personnel, such as vendors or consultants. Like any graduate degree, a master's in management can be a […] More than half of students plan to live somewhere they don't actually want to live as they look toward realistic rather than idealistic living options. Learn what it means to be neurodivergent. Discover strategies neurodivergent college students can use to navigate higher education. College students can find many jobs on campus to fit their busy schedules. Learn about the best part-time jobs for college students. Starting a club can be one of the most rewarding college experiences. Learn how to start a club in college and the benefits it brings. Can you dispute a final grade in college? Learn how to change your grades and improve your chances of winning a grade appeal. Even as issues of campus sexual assault continue, rarely are universities and perpetrators of violence held accountable. Find out why this must change. With free community college off the table, the president is seeking to raise the maximum award of Pell Grants by up to 8.5%. Are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it? Hear from a coding bootcamp graduate to see what cybersecurity careers await skilled techies. Free community college was one of Biden's big campaign promises. It's a popular policy, according to higher education groups that have spent years championing it. Celebrate the lives of your loved ones with Día de los Muertos. Get tips on how to respectfully honor this traditional holiday with family and friends. Coding portfolios are online resumes for coding professionals that also contain examples of coding projects. Some professionals create personal websites to house their portfolios and demonstrate their coding ability to... Students are turning to the social media platform to talk about issues such as campus diversity efforts, student debt, and mental health. The Amazon and Blue Origin founder graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with a bachelor's in electrical engineering and computer science. The rest is history. The independent report is the second to examine gender disparities in the NCAA and reviewed 84 championships for 23 sports. Students believe there's value to studying what you love, but financial constraints, realistic goals, and changes in interests actually drive their choices. Public and private colleges differ in how they're run, in how they're funded, and in terms of what kind of campus experience they offer. The nonprofit’s ‘Worst List’ grew by 50 schools in 2021 as the Biden administration published the list of institutions that previously applied for Title IX religious exemptions. Resumes are among the trickiest parts of college applications. Learn how to write a resume for college and see a real college resume example. U.S. universities dominate international rankings, but is the American system the world's best? Each year, the FAFSA helps millions of students get aid for college. Learn when FAFSA deadlines are and what changes to expect for 2023-24. National Student Clearinghouse Research Center data show enrollment down 6.5% since fall 2019, the sharpest two-year drop in the last 50 years. The Pay Down, Upskill Act would pay off up to $10,000 in undergraduate student loans per person. A few simple steps can help students improve their academic performance. Learn how to raise your grades in college with these helpful tips. The two-time NBA champion enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University this fall to pursue a degree in liberal studies and play college golf. Getting into a college isn't an exact science. Here, we've identified five things to include on your application that may help you nail the formula. Discover 18 Friendsgiving food ideas for college students. Explore options for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Plan a fun Friendsgiving with friends and loved ones! Discover Friendsgiving ideas for decorations, activities, and food. The former president often boasts of his academic record — such as attending Penn's Wharton School, which in Trump's own words is "the greatest business school." Colleges divide undergraduate courses into lower- and upper-division classes. Learn why this difference matters for students. Colleges get thousands of applications each year. Learn about the most common application mistakes and how to avoid making them. Understand the history and importance of Indigenous Peoples' Day. Discover ways to respectfully celebrate the holiday and spread the word. When it comes to starting a , you may not find a one-size-fits-all approach to training. For many, a more traditional computer science degree opens up many options. These programs... STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Learn why STEM is a great field to major in and pursue professionally. The president confirmed free community college had been scrapped from his Build Back Better plan and proposed an increase in Pell Grant payments instead. Trade education is on the rise. Colleges should embrace transferrable and stackable credentials so students can transition easily between educational paths. It's time to bring out the autumn maple leaves and pumpkin decor. Explore fun fall decor ideas for college students. The Ivy League is well known for its academic prowess, which is why many other colleges use the "Ivy" label to showcase their prestige. Students launched the #BlackburnTakeover movement on October 12 with a sit-in and social media campaign documenting poor living conditions. The ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed by Students for Fair Admissions, a group founded by a conservative, anti-affirmative action activist. It's time to get out the Halloween party decorations! We've listed the best decorations to help get you in the mood for the spooky season. Applying to college? Discover seven tips for writing a college essay that can help you gain admission to your top school. Learn about the history and purpose of International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Free community college was scrapped to win support from moderate Democratic senators. Rep. Ro Khanna said the party would create scholarships instead. Unsure whether you should submit your SAT/ACT scores to test-optional colleges? Learn when to submit your scores — and when to withhold them. A new survey shows that athletes want the NCAA to focus on health and safety while college presidents say eligibility and academics are most important. LGBTQ+ students shape the HBCU landscape. Dig into the experiences of LGBTQ+ students, and learn how to support inclusive practices at HBCUs. What is continuing education? Learn about continuing education courses and discover why continuing education is important for professionals. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is again the richest person in the world. He dropped out of a Ph.D. program but points to his college years as the time when... Title IX protects students from sex discrimination on campus. Learn about the history of Title IX, what the law prohibits, and how it impacts sports. With over 100 HBCUs across the country, there are many options for students to choose. Learn why from current HBCU students. Student debt is a significant issue for HBCU students. Learn how to use HBCU Wall Street's tools and resources to combat financial challenges. There are many facets to advising and supporting college students. Learn from an expert how they approach advising HBCU students and set them up for success. Students are using apps such as Yik Yak and TikTok to discuss sexual assault at fraternities and plan protests calling for campus-wide change. The wealthiest colleges, often accused of hoarding assets, must pay a federal tax on endowment returns. States with low unemployment, steady job growth, and low cost of living are some of the best states to change your career in. HBCUs have a rich athletic tradition. Learn more about the history and role of athletics at HBCUs and the challenges HBCU student-athletes face. Do the latest trends in HBCU funding offer promise for the future? Learn more about the financial history and potential financial future of HBCUs. Sexual violence disproportionately affects the queer community. Read more to learn about the dating violence LGBTQ+ people face. College diversity initiatives are not satisfying many students. Learn what students want DEI to look like on campus and why it's important. Find out which nursing certificate programs are the best fit for you, and learn what you can do with a postgraduate certificate program in nursing. How much does a CNA make? Find out what a certified nursing assistant is and how much CNAs earn annually. An office to investigate fraud among schools participating in the federal student aid program has been reestablished after being sidelined by Trump. Learn about some of the fastest-growing jobs that require a master's degree in 2021, including a variety of positions in the healthcare industry. Learn about the best ACT prep courses and where to find ACT prep classes online to fit your budget. The best online SAT prep courses build knowledge and hone test-taking skills. See what programs stand out and why. Black students face challenges at college. But with the right resources, they can thrive — find out more by reading this Black student college guide. Discover the 10 hardest colleges to get into as well as what these schools look for during the admissions process. Following the lead of activist Greta Thunberg, Fridays for Future calls for a global strike this Friday to demand that world leaders address climate change. Find out what to do if you lose your job. Get tips on revising your resume, diversifying your job search, and preparing for interviews. Dissatisfied with your career? Learn how to recognize the eight signs you're ready for a career change and what steps to take. Colleges across the U.S. are increasingly requiring COVID-19 vaccination for on-campus learning. Check out the full list of colleges that require the vaccine. Looking for some free resources for ACT test prep? These sites offer everything you need, including free, full-length ACT practice tests. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has said he's worried that Senate Democrats could cut free community college from a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill. Some college majors are more popular than others due to their high earning potential and strong job prospects. Learn what the top 10 majors are in this guide. The critically acclaimed Netflix series "Dear White People" ended with a bang. Read more to explore how it portrayed race, privilege, and social justice. Engineering is one of the broadest STEM fields. Discover the five main types of engineering and get tips on whether you should pursue an engineering degree. Learn about online GED classes available to help you pass this test and earn your GED certificate. You can also find free GED classes for adults. Big changes to the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program could bring relief to over 500,000 borrowers working in government and at nonprofits. College students are in the midst of a mental health crisis. This psychologist's mental health coping strategies can help students flourish. College can be stressful, making it important to practice self-care. Follow these tips to reduce anxiety and improve your mental health. Learn about the unique challenges college students with ADHD face and strategies these students can use to succeed. Our top six ACT tips and tricks to help you ace the test include using quality materials, taking timed practice tests, and guessing strategically. When it comes to race and status, AAPI undocumented students encounter many challenges. Read this interview to learn more about their experiences. Explore our IT skills list to learn which soft skills can improve your chances of landing a tech job and finding professional success. Learn how to leverage internship experience on your resume so you can stand out from the crowd. If colleges work to boost educational outcomes for people of color, their livelihoods and society as a whole will benefit, according to a new report. As U.S. colleges implement mask and vaccine mandates , students voice their desire for a flexible learning environment this term. Wondering whether you should triple major in college? Learn about the pros and cons faced by students who pursue a triple major. The 1990 Clery Act requires universities and colleges to show transparency in their crime reporting and to take measures to ensure campus safety. An MBA can open the door to many high-paying jobs in the business field. Learn about the best MBA jobs in 2021, from accountant to product marketing manager. Should you choose a full-time or part-time MBA program? Learn more about the pros and cons of each. Declining MBA enrollment is changing business education. Students want flexible and affordable MBAs, and schools need to adapt to these trends. Explore the history of Title IX and how it has impacted equality for women in college athletics. After the youth vote surged in the 2020 election, conservative states passed new voting laws that pose a threat to student political engagement. A new BestColleges survey finds that students are eager to get involved in campus DEI efforts, though they're not always sure how. Midterm exams often make up a significant percentage of final college grades. Here are the best tips and strategies for acing your midterms. Sports is a booming industry that offers numerous professional paths. Discover today's top five careers in sports, from athletic directing to teaching. New state laws have an impact on students' access to abortions. Learn how students can advocate for reproductive justice on campus. We've selected the 10 best backpacks for college. Read on to learn which backpack fits your needs as you navigate college. Use this guide to prepare for college dorm life! Incoming students can get tips from this comprehensive list of college and dorm essentials. Get ready for school this year by checking out our list of must-have college supplies that every student needs. Students can make college life easier by bringing 10 documents that are essential for study, work, and other aspects of student life. Feeling first-day-of-college jitters? Learn what to expect and how to prepare for the first day of class. Start your first year of college like a pro by using this comprehensive college preparation checklist. Want to ace the SAT? This guide includes links to study resources for anyone on a budget, including free SAT practice tests and online prep courses. A new bill would tax the scholarships of some NCAA college athletes earning profits from their name, image, and likeness. There are many HBCU graduates who have developed fruitful careers after graduation. Learn how their experience at an HBCU impacted their journey. For better or worse, the controversial practice is back following a decade-long hiatus. Marching bands are an integral part of the student experience at HBCUs. Read on to learn more about their legacy and impact on HBCU culture. Spooky season has arrived, and it's time to find your friendly campus ghost. Check out these scary stories describing seven of the most haunted colleges. Millions of single parents attend college each year. Learn about your enrollment options and how to earn your degree as a single parent. Product managers are in high demand, and it's a great time to think about entering the field. in a list of the best jobs in America for 2021, with over... is not a requirement for entering the investment banking field; however, you may have an easier time securing a job with this advanced degree. A business degree is a particular... If you're deciding on whether or not you should get a master of business administration (MBA), you're not alone. Every year, thousands of college students and working professionals around the... Discover top HBCU brands creating fashionable apparel for students, alumni, and supporters. Uplift HBCU alumni who founded these apparel brands. Pandemic closures sent U.S. students home with school laptops, which haven't stopped recording their online lives since. Talented HBCU alumni are in high demand among leading national and international employers. Explore 10 of the top employers of HBCU students. HBCU students have paved the way for student activism on campuses nationwide. Learn more about their impact and legacy. Undocumented undergraduates are eligible for full-ride scholarships to prestigious colleges. Applications for Golden Door now open through Oct. 10. Today, the Ivy League stands as a paragon of academic achievement, but these eight prestigious colleges actually have a long and complicated history. The NCAA's March Madness branding will be used to market the 2022 women's Division I basketball tournament and Final Four. Learn about some myths associated with HBCUs and how these institutions are working to dismantle these stereotypes. Discover the history and culture behind HBCU homecoming and its significance to HBCU students and alumni. Big deals and confusion mark the first three months of the NCAA's name, image, and likeness policy as athletes and schools look to cash in. Big brands and local businesses are rushing to make deals with college athletes and their schools under the NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness policy. Read our interview with a professional in healthcare administration to learn more about this rewarding career. Learn more about the many career opportunities available in healthcare administration. Start your journey here. Learn about online MBA vs. in-person MBA programs. Discover the pros and cons of each and find an option that meets your needs. Read our interview with an advocacy and policy strategist to learn more about this rewarding career. Are you interested in learning more about careers in public policy? Click for information about opportunities at all levels of education. Start planning today. Are you interested in learning more about careers in Mechanical Engineering? Click for information about opportunities at all levels of education. Start planning today. Discover how to become an auto mechanic. Learn about the requirements and training for this career path. From parties to pumpkin drops to haunted houses, learn which schools celebrate the season with fun and spooky Halloween college traditions. Learn about the history of fraternities and sororities at HBCUs and Greek life's importance to the Black community on campus. Introverts thrive in careers that offer them a high degree of independence and self-reliance. Check out the best jobs for introverts. Community college transfers are rare on elite campuses, but they typically succeed once enrolled Programs connect talented community college students with elite institutions and provide scholarship aid. Learn how to enjoy fun fall activities as a budget-conscious college student. Kick off the fall semester in thrifty style this year! We've got a fun lineup of college Halloween costume ideas — whether you're looking for something trendy for 2021 or need some last-minute inspo. What does a licensed clinical social worker actually do? Learn what the field of social work entails in this candid interview with a private-practice LCSW. Applying to college can be tricky. Use these nine tips to increase your college admission chances and help you craft a memorable application. Nurses play a critical role in healthcare. Going back to school to become an RN can lead to better pay, long-term job security, and high job satisfaction. More people are pursuing new career paths for better pay and personal fulfillment. Learn how to change careers successfully at any age. Both clinical and direct practice social workers assist people experiencing challenges. Clinical and direct practice social work require different degree levels. Direct practice social workers help people locate community resources. Clinical social workers provide psychotherapeutic services to individuals, groups, and families. A career in social work provides the opportunity to make a significant difference in […] Licensed master social worker (LMSW) and licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) are social work licenses, representing two available for professionals in this field. Each role varies in its scope of... Explore the difference between vet techs vs. vet assistants. Learn which skills you need to become a vet tech or a vet assistant. We've identified nine ways to help you earn a high SAT score. Advanced preparation and day-of meditation are key to test-day success. Social workers help people and communities function as effectively and healthily as possible. The field comprises many different , and can take unique and varied approaches to accomplish their goals.... The field of social work offers plenty of opportunities to help different groups of people. The variety of available allow professionals to specialize in an area or population that interests... Explore our list of the top 12 jobs for career changers based on demand and earning potential. Learn about these jobs and their education requirements. It's normal for students to experience weight changes in their first year of college, but concerns arise when these fluctuations are due to unhealthy habits. Many online students find it hard to address personal struggles with their professors. Learn how to compose a professional email to get the support you need. Worried about student debt and how you'll afford college? Discover the best student savings plans and money-saving strategies for you and your family. Even with financial aid, many college students are strapped for cash. Learn how to make money in college and why working now can help you earn more later on. You have many opportunities to take the ACT throughout the year. Learn what factors to consider before registering for the test. Aspiring students should refresh basic skills before returning to college. Learn what skills might need honing and what resources you can use. Read about scams targeting college students, including financial aid, scholarship, and credit card scams. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of common scams. With COVID-19 exacerbating stress levels and challenges for students, colleges need to start thinking about how they can leverage services to support learners. College is a huge investment, but by taking advantage of special tax credits and deductions, you can save thousands of dollars on educational expenses. The Pell Grant is a form of federal aid designed to assist low-income students. Learn how to apply for the award, how much you can earn, and who is eligible. Leaving home for college can be challenging. Check out our nine tips to help make your college transition easier. Many creatives want to sell their services but don't know where to start. Learn the steps to take to establish yourself as a successful freelance artist. This article covers employment resources for individuals with disabilities and what college students with disabilities can do to prepare for the workforce. Even as campuses promise to reopen soon, college students continue to face increased anxiety from isolation, world events, and a loss of support networks. Undocumented students around the U.S. face an uncertain future. Get the latest information on DACA and check out our FAQ to get the answers you need. Similar to the FAFSA, the CSS Profile is a financial aid application required by certain colleges for the purpose of awarding nonfederal aid. The ACT can make or break your college application. Learn what a good ACT score is for you based on the schools you're applying to. More women than men go to college but their pay rate has been slow to catch up with their academic success. The SAT is an important test for colleges, and a good score can improve your chances of getting accepted. Learn what a good score is for you. Trade school — or vocational training — can offer students an efficient and affordable path to a reliable, rewarding career. A leave of absence helps students step back from school for medical, mental health, or career reasons. Learn what to consider before taking a leave of absence. Becoming a professor takes hard work. Learn how to become a college professor by earning a Ph.D. and navigating the academic job market. Prospective students apply to seven colleges on average. Learn the best strategies for picking schools and making the application process easier. Time-management apps can help students master their schedules and stay focused. See how these time-management apps can work for you. Adult learners bring unique perspectives and attitudes to higher education. Check out these six key advantages of being an older college student. Students are advocating for social justice on college campuses. Learn more about why these issues matter to student activists. Want to begin a career as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technician? Demand for these professionals has increased as greater focus has been placed on renewable energy. Additionally,... Completing HVAC technician training can enable you to secure a lucrative and in-demand career. According to the (BLS), as of May 2020, HVAC technicians made a median annual salary of... Learn how to become a pharmacy technician. Explore education tracks and certification requirements related to pharmacy technician training. Not sure whether to choose an associate or bachelor's program in dental hygiene? Read our guide to find out which degree is right for you. Climate change is an urgent issue that impacts all of us. Learn what students are doing to push their campuses towards a positive, more sustainable future. Higher ed has many names. Learn the difference between "college" and university," and get tips on which type of school you should attend. Despite inclusion efforts, disparities still exist for women in college. Learn why this matters for representation and gender equality. After a defeat in the Supreme Court, the NCAA is struggling to keep its hold on college sports as student-athletes and Congress demand changes. The definition of a good GPA can vary depending on the school, discipline, and employer. Learn what a good GPA is in college and high school. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants both work in pharmacies, but they have different roles. See which career might work best for you. Learn whether you should choose an electrician trade school or apprenticeship for your electrician training and decide which option is best for you. Medical Assistant vs. LPN — which career path should you choose? Learn about the education, training, and career outlook for each. Medical assistant vs. CNA: Find out the difference between medical assistants and CNAs, including career outlooks and salary differences. Learn about the vet tech requirements in your state and see what it takes to help sick or injured animals. Curious about how to become a medical biller? This guide covers everything you need to know about medical billing certification and training. Medical coding offers plenty of job growth whether you have a high school diploma or college degree. Find out how to become a medical coder in less than one year. More than 11,500 golf caddies have received full scholarships to attend top universities nationwide. Nearly 45 million Americans owe $1.7 trillion in student debt. Black borrowers, women, and graduate-degree holders all have a large share. If you're thinking about using your college essay to address the pandemic, make sure the experiences you share are unique and representative of who you are. Between the pandemic and broadening legalization, marijuana's popularity with college students is helping to build an industry they can also study. Living with a roommate in college can be challenging. Learn how to manage conflict with your roommate by using these tips and mediation strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the necessity of nurses. If you're interested in healthcare and helping others, you may want to consider becoming a nurse. Thinking about attending a for-profit college? Learn about the pros and cons of this type of school and whether for-profit colleges are worth it. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of rolling admission, and check out 20 popular schools with rolling admissions policies. PSAT testing takes place in October, with a few dates for schools to choose from. We'll lay out the timeline and when to expect your results. The SAT and PSAT are pretty similar tests, but we'll outline four key differences you should know before you take these exams. Learn about the history of LGBTQ+ centers and the central role they play in student development, leadership, and college activism. Learn about the significance of International Celebrate Bisexuality Day and how to show up and promote visibility for bisexual people. Some faculty at colleges in conservative states are giving up coveted academic positions over a lack of COVID-19 mandates. Citing breakthrough cases and COVID-19 variants, some colleges strengthen mask mandates. Meanwhile, some experts warn of the harms of masking young people. College of the Ozarks is challenging Biden's fair housing mandate. Do Christian values extend to LGBTQ+ students on campus? A long list of companies provide tuition assistance to U.S. employees, but programs and coverage vary by company. Online education is gaining traction, but many students still have questions. Our BestColleges survey sheds light on online students' biggest pieces of advice. On Tuesday, the board of trustees of Oakland's Mills College approved a merger with Northeastern University. Students usually take the SAT/ACT to get into college, but more schools are going test-optional — some long-term, and some temporarily due to COVID-19. The more than $76 billion at colleges' disposal to bridge budget gaps and provide cash grants to students must be spent before the end of 2024. Learn how to write a curriculum vitae. Find out what to include and follow our tips to make your CV as good as it can possibly be. Social workers strive for social change and development. They help empower the people they work with to build stronger communities. They often work with individuals who are vulnerable, including those living in poverty. Social workers can make an impact by advocating for civil and disability rights, providing mental health support, and preventing child abuse. According […] How should nontraditional students ask for letters of recommendation? And who should they ask? Learn more about this process. The benchmark for a "good" PSAT score is often considered the 75th percentile. We'll cover how PSAT scoring works and what you should aim for. Netflix's "The Chair" raises big questions about equality in academia. For women faculty, it exposes ongoing challenges in higher education. Trying to figure out when the first college basketball game is for 2021-22? Look no further to learn when college basketball will start. Harvard University will end its investment in fossil fuel companies in response to the threat of climate change, the school's president announced Thursday. The best trade schools seek national accreditation. Learn about the benefits of accredited trade schools. These popular colleges and universities have the highest cost of attendance in the U.S., but not all students pay the full sticker price. College athletes usually bear the cost of medical insurance, unless they're a likely top draft pick. Now, student-athletes are pushing for change in the NCAA's insurance policies. To get into college, you must submit an application. Learn about the most common types of college applications and which schools use them. Amazon announced on Sept. 9 it would pay full tuition for hourly workers starting early next year. Over 750,000 current Amazon employees will be eligible for the program. A handful of U.S. colleges step up to provide shelter and scholarships to Afghan refugees, continuing a piecemeal legacy of welcoming displaced students. A good SAT score can help you get into your preferred college. Learn about registration dates and the best times to take the SAT. Trade school can train you for a variety of in-demand careers. Read on to learn how to choose a trade school. College football season kicked off with thousands of fans packing stadiums, putting many at risk of coronavirus exposure in a climate of lax COVID-19 guidelines and policies. Want to keep a college budget? We've sourced the seven most important budgeting tips for first-year students from experts. What are the differences between IB vs. AP classes? Read about IB and AP classes in high school and learn more about how these programs work. Recommendation letters play an important role in college admissions. Learn how to ask for a letter of recommendation. Learn about the history of Hispanic-Serving Institutions and why their designation is important to the success of Hispanic and Latino/a students. Learn about the history of Hispanic Heritage Month and discover how to celebrate with activities and useful resources. Wondering if AP classes are right for you? This post outlines five questions to ask yourself before enrolling in AP classes. Discover the difference between honors vs. AP classes with our guide. Ensure you make the right decisions in high school when preparing for college. If you're in high school, you may wonder, "Which AP classes should I take?" Learn more about AP classes with our guide. Learn about the benefits of attending trade school. Decide if this pathway works for you and your career goals. Students pursuing a trade often study at vocational schools. Learn more about trade schools and their challenges. College campuses are political hot spots. Students are more political — and more politically divided — than ever, but together push for progressive reforms. College students across the country are protesting for voting rights and social justice. Here's why and how you can get involved. Rice University, Stanislaus State, and UT San Antonio are among the first schools to delay reopening plans due to the delta variant. They will start fall term online. Check out our tips for balancing college, work, and childcare. Learn to strike the right balance and find success in all your responsibilities. When should you drop a class and when should you stick with it? Learn about the consequences of dropping a class and your alternatives. Is a resume the same as a CV? There are some key differences between the two. Read more about using a CV versus a resume. College athletes rake in millions of dollars each year for their schools, but these full-time players aren't making any money for themselves from the gig. Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) offer students a variety of benefits. Find out from our experts how to take advantage of an HBCU education. Apprenticeships aren't just for the trades anymore, and new legislation promises to further integrate apprenticeships into higher education. Drivers rely on auto mechanics for car and truck maintenance. Learn about being an auto mechanic, including common career paths and typical wages. The new Netflix show tackles some of higher education's thorniest issues through the lens of faculty governance. What is a nontraditional student? Discover the various nontraditional student definitions as well as the biggest challenges these learners face. Nearly half of colleges plan on sending students out of the country this fall as U.S. study abroad programs reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns. Curious about which college degrees lead to pandemic-proof careers? This post highlights the jobs and degrees least and most affected by COVID-19. Learn about independent study. Discover who is best suited for self-directed study and find out common requirements. Explore the types of college courses that students most frequently encounter, including online courses, labs, and lectures. By taking the GED exam, you can earn a certificate that is equivalent to a traditional high school diploma. Learn all about the exam and tips for success. Entry-level jobs are a great starting place for your career. They typically don't require previous experience, but internships can help you land one. Discover what kind of financial aid is available to undocumented students. Learn about your rights before applying. Engineering is one of the highest-paid professions in the U.S., but Black and Latino/a engineers earn significantly less than their peers. Most students apply to college in the fall for admission the following fall. Keep track of the most common college application deadlines with this guide. Since January, the Department of Education has cancelled $9.5 billion in student loan debt. Here's who's impacted by those cancellations. Discover five tips that can help you ace your first job interview, including how to prepare for the interview by going over practice questions. Job search sites are a great tool for recent grads to find employment. Check out the six best job search sites and get tips for applying. Promising a new model for higher education, the U.S.-based online university boasts a worldwide reach and enrolls more than 75,000 students. A GED diploma can open the door to college and career opportunities. Learn what you can do with a GED diploma. Learn how to find the "easiest" AP classes, which have more flexible study requirements, and earn college credit through classes with high exam pass rates. We've ranked the 10 hardest AP classes and tests based on exam pass rates and scores. Learn what you should consider when selecting AP classes. Whether you're majoring in biology or writing a research paper for class, these 10 exciting biology topics will help you find an interesting field to focus on. Discover the top 10 books written by, for, and about undocumented immigrants. Undocumented college students may find these books especially appealing. Find fellowships and internships for DACA and undocumented students so you can gain professional development and prepare for your future career. Recent graduates reflect on the challenges and unexpected benefits of graduating during a pandemic. A new report reveals students believe nondegree credentials are worth the cost, help them achieve their career goals, and make them attractive to employers. The Common App essay can make or break your college application. Learn about the Common App essay prompts and get tips for writing a stand-out statement. Pharmacy technicians must learn five specific skills in school or on the job. Read on to see what it takes to become a pharmacy technician. Mills College alumnae call for the ousting of leadership and sue to preserve their alma mater. Learn how student affairs professionals on campus approach advising and supporting undocumented student experiences. Learn from a legal expert about important tips and legal resources for undocumented students attending college. Learn from an expert about how Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) support the needs and educational success of Hispanic and Latino/a students. Explore mental health challenges for undocumented students and get tips to help manage stress, anxiety, and marginalization. Learn about the concept of hyperdocumentation and how undocumented students navigate belonging, worthiness, and intolerance in college. Discover why some HBCUs are canceling student debt and what other institutions can learn from HBCUs about college affordability. When it comes to race and status, Black undocumented students encounter many challenges. Read this interview to learn more about their experiences. The GI Bill® can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Discover helpful VA resources and get answers to common questions about the GI Bill. Rushing a business fraternity can be a difficult but rewarding process. Here are some tips to keep in mind during recruitment. Learn how to pass English 101 and write stellar essays with these tried-and-true tips and tricks. Gain valuable insight and practical career tips from DACA college graduates about how to succeed in graduate school and careers after college. Colleges are deciding whether to alter, ban, or keep unchanged controversial fight songs and chants that remain popular at sporting events. As the SEC plans expansion, the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC form an alliance. See how this move could impact the future of college sports. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), HVAC technicians earned a as of May 2020. For those who enjoy problem-solving and helping others, entering this field can be a... Because students must learn so many new things in such a short amount of time, can be very challenging. Students encounter new material every day, and there is almost always... Despite recent critiques of critical race theory, ethnic studies courses provide academic, social, and professional advantages to college students While some administrative social work positions do not require state licensure, any prospective social worker who aspires to a clinical position must pass the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)... Some colleges offer more mental health services than others. Learn about important signs to look for when deciding on a school. Learn about the International Baccalaureate diploma program. Discover how the IB program works and read about IB courses and IB diploma requirements. Many students use grants to pay for college. Learn about the different types of grants and how to apply for them so you can graduate with less debt. The COVID-19 vaccine policies at a handful of elite schools instruct vaccinated students arriving from India and Russia to get a second series of shots. Coding bootcamps are often valued for their accessibility and affordability, but minorities who could benefit still participate at low rates. Community colleges offer a less expensive route to a college degree. But what is a community college, and is community college worth it? All colleges require a minimum number of credits to graduate. Learn how many credits you'll need for an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree. General education requirements make up half of a bachelor's degree at most colleges. These courses build soft skills that hold real-world value for jobs. Now that the FDA has granted full approval of the Pfizer vaccine to prevent COVID-19, campuswide vaccine mandates may become more common. You've probably heard about burnout sometime since the COVID-19 pandemic started, probably in the context of . But burnout at work is a common problem shared by professionals in multiple... Colleges already require vaccines, but COVID-19 vaccines are approved for emergency use only, thrusting new mandates into a legal gray zone. Whether facilitating COVID-19 vaccinations and testing or providing clients with essential pandemic-era medical information, pharmacy technicians play a critical role in day-to-day healthcare services. For people interested in a field... The path to debt cancellation for student loan borrowers with total and permanent disabilities. While jobs took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic with 17.6 million fewer positions in May 2020 than there were in May 2019, tech occupations grew by 1.2% in that... Childhood is a great time to learn how to code. Coding can help kids develop problem-solving skills and encourages creativity and imagination. Plus, it's a good foundation for learning more... The in the U.S. has been in the news for at least a decade. Politicians and CEOs talk about it regularly. And with an increased demand for remote work and... Many believe community college is less academically rigorous, but attending a two-year institution can benefit you both intellectually and financially. When you , you will likely have the option of choosing between a general master of business administration or an MBA with a concentration or specialization. If you select an... Trauma can have a lasting impact on the physical and and groups, even permeating across generations. According to the (CHCS), the lengthy negative influence of trauma has led to changes... The best laptop for you depends on your budget and how you plan to use your computer. Discover our picks for the best laptops for college students. University partnerships with online program management companies have exploded, but they're not without risks. Corporate tuition assistance programs tout educational access and social mobility, but are they really more concerned with the bottom line? In an age of climbing tuition costs and unpaid internships, can provide an accelerated, comparatively affordable alternative to a college education. Skilled trades offer rewarding career options for those looking... Many schools plan to hold online classes this fall due to COVID-19. Staying open minded about online education can help you make the most of the upcoming term. If you're longing for a career change, going back to college can be a smart choice, especially if you're interested in one of these four in-demand careers. As colleges debate whether to reopen their campuses, students evaluate their options for the fall term, which include re-enrolling and taking a gap year. The pandemic presents unique challenges to students. Teachers who employ these four culturally responsive teaching strategies can help students succeed. The shift to remote classes due to COVID-19 has proven difficult for instructors. These 10 online teaching tips can help you run an effective virtual class. Wondering which associate degree offers the biggest bang for its buck? Check out the 15 highest-paying associate degrees and the careers they can lead to. Choosing a college major is a decision many students agonize over. Here, recent grads offer new students advice they wish they'd heard earlier. Is a psychology degree worth it? Explore potential career opportunities for psychology degrees and the benefits of continuing your education in the field. When does college football start? How do you get tickets? Find the answers to all your football season questions. Many college students feel unsure about what to do once they arrive on campus. Learn about the activities that happen before the academic year kicks off. Commuter students may not live on campus but they can still get a full college experience. Here are some tips for making the most of a commuter lifestyle. Want to know how to find a college roommate? This guide gives you advice on how to match with a compatible college roommate. First-year seminars teach students important skills they need for success in college and help them integrate more smoothly into their school's community. Inequitable recruitment, admissions, and enrollment practices are limiting opportunities for minority students, according to a new report. As cases of the COVID-19 delta variant increase, colleges are deciding whether they should return to in-person classes or stay online. The NCAA declined to punish Baylor University over its mishandling of allegations of sexual assault and other interpersonal violence by football players. A federal appeals court revived a lawsuit by former University of North Dakota women's hockey players contesting elimination of the program. Explore emerging data on the political attitudes and voting behaviors of LGBTQ college students and the social issues they care about most. Learn how to gain access to college disability services to get the support you need to thrive. What is a college resident advisor? Explore a resident advisor's job duties and learn more about what a college RA does. From assistance with study habits to tutoring and counseling, read how student services can help college students. The Harvard admissions case before the Supreme Court involving Asian American students draws a historical parallel to the treatment of Jewish students 100 years ago. Harvard Extension School makes a degree more accessible, but different criteria for entry, faculty, and degree designation make some question its value. While the pandemic upends higher education and the job force, service programs offer productive gap-year options that can grow skills and advance the common good. What is early action vs. early decision? Learn about the benefits of applying to college early and how to decide between these two admission plans. Moving away to college is an exciting yet stressful experience. Ease the process by using our ultimate college packing checklist of must-have items. Judge Amy Coney Barrett dismissed an emergency appeal from college students who say their school's vaccine mandate violates constitutional rights. Weeks from the beginning of fall term, some prestigious colleges now require face masks, weekly testing, and vaccines for all returning students. The University of Texas at San Antonio has decided to move classes online for the first three weeks of the fall semester. COVID-19 testing will also be required for residential... Speech-language pathologists help people with communication and swallowing disorders. Learn how to become a speech pathologist. We've listed the eight best jobs for INFJ personality types. Learn about these personality traits and compare possible careers suited for INFJs. Research shows that people whose jobs center on assisting people tend to be the happiest. Here are some of the best careers for people who want to help others. Whether you're new to business or a seasoned professional, earning a business certificate online can help you advance your career and take home more money. We've listed eight of the best jobs for ESFJ personality types. Learn about personality traits and compare possible careers suited for ESFJs. Learn more about your personality and careers that may make you happy. Our list of the best jobs for ISFJ personality types can help you find a good fit. Extroverts are known for being outgoing, friendly, and people-oriented. The best "people person" jobs are those that allow you to interact with others. The hands-on training of trade schools is hard to accomplish online, but vocational skills continue to hold value on the new job market. A rundown about accredited colleges, regional vs. national accreditation, and financial aid for accredited schools. Student loan debt relief is a growing need. This article analyzes proposals for loan forgiveness and free public college tuition. Learn which marketing skills are essential in today's digital business environment and how you can develop them. Feeling anxious about heading back to a college campus? Discover tips to ease campus return anxiety and feel prepared for a successful in-person semester. These days, more industries are prioritizing sustainability. You, too, can help the environment by pursuing one of these 10 popular climate change jobs. The 1994 congressional ban on awarding federal student financial aid to prisoners lifts in two years. For now, a 2015 pilot program extends to 200 schools. Learn how to navigate the U.S. college system as an international student, and figure out what to pack for your first year. This list describes the eight best jobs for ISFPs. Learn about this personality type and compare possible careers suited for ISFPs. Despite the allure of cities, many college grads would prefer to work in smaller, more rural areas. Learn how to find a job outside the big city. Learn about top jobs for ESFP personalities, and explore the best career paths that match your personality type. Learn about the most important vet tech skills, including skills like empathy and communication. Many students find they miss the comforts of home when they go to college. Learn how to deal with homesickness in college. As Democrats call for large scale student debt cancellation, Biden's education team extends the loan payment pause another six months. This guide dives into career opportunities for occupations related to the environment, including environmental scientists, foresters, and environmental engineers. Computer science is a highly lucrative and in-demand field. With a computer science degree, you can earn good money as an expert in computing and technology. Deciding to take classes online or on campus is a difficult choice. This article guides you through the decision-making process. What is rushing in college? Learn about sorority recruitment, rushing a fraternity, and making the most of joining Greek life. Check out these five tips for first-generation college students. Learn how to improve your chances of success in college. Transgender students face heightened risk of sexual assault and harassment on campus. Biden's team takes a contested shortcut to extend Title IX protection. Career bridge programs help students and recent grads succeed in the workplace by providing mentorship opportunities, career development, and training. Advocates hope to double the main federal student financial aid award by 2022. Senate Democrats' contentious budget includes a $400 bump. What should you know about being a vet tech? Learn about the vet tech career, including salary potential and job outlook. Learn about the skills needed to be an electrician and how developing these electrician skills can help you excel professionally. Have you ever thought about being an electrician? Read this article to find out what electricians do, how much they make, and more. What's the difference between adjunct and tenured professors? Learn how an academic title affects job security, teaching responsibilities, salaries. What skills do you need to be a dental hygienist? Learn what dental hygienist skills will help you the most on the job. Student-faculty ratios shouldn't be taken literally, but they do help indicate what your educational experience will be like. Find out how you can improve patients' lives by being a dental hygienist. Learn about dental hygienist salaries and career outlook. Learn what it takes to become a medical assistant and find out if this career is right for you. Learn more about the history of women's colleges and their impact on women pursuing a quality college education. Curious about the benefits and drawbacks of the pass/fail grading system? Use these tips to decide when you should take a course pass/fail. You can gain many unique experiences from being a college student-athlete. Here's what to expect when it comes to playing a sport in college. The dean's list is a prestigious award for academic excellence. If you meet the dean's list GPA requirements, you can show it off on your resume. A recent BestColleges survey found that a majority of Americans value affordability over prestige in their college choice. To earn a bachelor's degree, students choose a field to specialize in by declaring a major. Learn what a major is and how it can affect your career. Learn about the history and interdisciplinary field of queer studies and why it is important for exploring gender, sexuality, and identity. Learn more about the academic and social benefits of living on campus. Explore the ways that living on campus can enhance your college experience. Learn about the important laws and policies that shaped the history and progress of diversity in higher education. New study describes how social dynamics of college sports can frequently contribute to negative behaviors when oversight is lacking. Most families don't pay "sticker price" for college, but learning the ins and outs of financial aid offers can be daunting. Here are some tips. During an economic downturn, college students can improve job prospects by strengthening soft skills and learning new technologies. Want to get involved in college, but don't know where to start? Discover five ways to participate in student life on campus. Follow our five simple steps for how to prepare for graduate school and get tips on the best ways to start off the semester smoothly. Students and recent grads can find internships and job opportunities through the Pathways Programs. Explore how these programs can boost your career. After months of controversy, the NCAA announced that they will hold a special convention in November to propose sweeping governance changes. Only a month into the NIL era in college sports, many student-athletes already have signed lucrative endorsement deals. What is considered a passing grade in college? Is a D a passing grade? Learn more about how to pass your classes and graduate on time. Learn more about business school accreditation. Discover the different types of MBA accreditation. Check out the top books for MBA students. Supplement your education, learn critical business concepts, and find a competitive edge in the field. Learn about the benefits of an early-career MBA program and find out if it's right for you. Test drive a traditional degree or build key skills with a mini MBA. Enhance your resume for a fraction of the cost of a full MBA program. Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill to survey students on the "ideological and political perspectives" encountered at public colleges. The Common Application allows students to apply to multiple colleges at once. Learn more about how to use the Common App and which universities accept it. As master's degree programs have grown in popularity, graduate student loan debt has increased substantially. What's the difference between a major and a minor? And does your minor matter? Learn more about choosing a minor in college. The University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma are seeking to leave the Big 12 Conference and join the Southeastern Conference, a move that would shake up college sports. Explore the complex issue of academic freedom, and understand how it impacts what and how subjects are taught in today's college classrooms. Many colleges are requiring COVID-19 vaccination this fall, but global vaccine access continues to vary. Where does this leave international students? After a year of increased activism, students are more aware of social justice issues and those issues are influencing their college choices. As you gear up to return to campus life, understand how complex issues related to campus sexual assault are regaining relevance. Higher education is expensive. Learn how to consider different ways to calculate the return on investment, or ROI, for your college education. With schools reopening amid a spike in reported hate crimes, experts advise students to learn more about bias and what to do if they become victims. With a federal court weighing in on a university's authority to require COVID-19 vaccines, students argue the mandate violates Fourteenth Amendment rights. The Biden administration's "expansive interpretation" of Title IX to prosecute discrimination based on sexual orientation meets resistance from state Republicans. Many people around the world speak English, but learning a foreign language can broaden your horizons, help you stand out for jobs, and enrich your life. When choosing college electives, consider your schedule, consult an academic advisor, focus on your interests, and don't be afraid to try something new. Find out where study abroad is possible now that countries are accepting U.S. travelers. A federal judge suspends the DACA program, citing unconstitutionality of policy that impacts thousands of immigrant college students. First-time college students aren't the only ones making a big transition — their parents are, too. Read our tips for first-time college parents. Higher education has a history of exclusionary policies and practices toward students of color that schools must address moving forward. Women's studies programs were founded to improve equality in higher education. The field remains relevant to college diversity and inclusion efforts. U.S. senators have proposed a bill that would fund equity audits and improvements at colleges and universities. 2U's merger with edX will allow the education technology company to compete with Coursera, but not everyone is happy with the partnership. With college costs growing higher, here are the top 10 public universities offering generous financial aid packages that lessen the burden. Learn about how wealthy donors may have a disproportionate say in what you learn and who you learn from at your college or university. Learn about the complex issue of reparations and how institutions of higher learning are coming to terms with their historical ties to chattel slavery. College courses take many forms, from large lecture-based lessons to small discussion-based classes. Learn the tools you'll need to succeed in both. Sending your child off to college comes with its share of highs and lows. Read our pros/cons list to prepare yourself for the transition. If passed, the Community College Student Success Act would provide funding for wrap-around services such as free tutoring, textbooks, and transportation. Last fall's enrollment data shows sharp downturns among some student groups, but an increase in grad student enrollment. After receiving tenure last week from UNC, the journalist announced she'll instead accept a tenured position at Howard University. Hundreds of colleges collectively owe the government $1 billion in debt. But unlike with student loan debt, the government's not collecting. Interested in learning Korean? Find out how you can learn Korean online with free classes and affordable online options. Find out more about Asian American studies programs. Explore career options for graduates with a degree in Asian American studies. As institutions push biased measures to penalize trans youth, learn about different ways colleges can reaffirm their support for trans student-athletes. More than two-thirds of Americans are in favor of free community college, but opinions differ according to age group. About 42% of Americans age 25 and older hold some type of college degree, with wide disparities when it comes to geography and racial and ethnic groups. Recent attention on the differences between men's and women's championships in multiple sports has shone a light on remaining inequity in college athletics. Following a U.S. Supreme Court decision and the passage of several state laws, the NCAA suspended its rules preventing student-athletes from profiting off their name, image, and likeness. After initially declining to grant tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones in May, the UNC board of trustees voted to grant tenure to the award-winning journalist on June 30. Experiencing impostor syndrome? You're not alone. Implement these tips from a professor to combat the disruptive symptoms of impostor syndrome. As language evolves, new terms emerge to describe the experience of race. Read on to learn how the meaning of BIPOC impacts diversity and inclusion efforts in college. Understand the importance of fundraising campaigns to institutions of higher learning and how they support your academic career. Eight Indiana University students have filed a lawsuit against Indiana University over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Indiana's attorney general says the mandate is legal. Forty-three percent of colleges report an increase in international applications over last year, a surge motivated by pent-up demand and shifting immigration policies. Despite rising college costs, some schools are offering generous financial aid packages that make college planning just a bit easier. The Supreme Court ruled on June 21 that the NCAA cannot bar universities from making education-related payments to student-athletes. The student debt crisis affects many college students but especially Black students, who are more likely to take out loans and struggle to pay down debt. Beyond helping you advance in your career, postsecondary education can also help better your health and self-empowerment. A new report on spring 2021 enrollment shows declines in community college transfers, sparking concerns among experts. As states implement harmful anti-trans legislation, colleges must do all they can to support and advocate for trans college students. Biden proposes expanding the college grant program, as a bipartisan Senate bill looks to extend the program to cover short-term certificates. Virtual public hearings were held this week as Biden seeks to reverse Trump-era Title IX rules, which heightened reqs for due process in sexual assault cases. The Biden administration's proposed 2022 budget includes big plans to boost STEM departments at colleges that primarily serve students of color. Academic freedom enables faculty to explore ideas without fear of recrimination. Racial slurs and other terms that create a hostile learning environment are not protected. Republicans have tried to block discussions of critical race theory on campuses. Academic freedom faces grave threats from both sides of the political spectrum. The recent tenure battle at the […] Use these tips so you can feel prepared for success and armed with questions and applicable skills when starting your first job after college. Don't let your summer pass you by. Instead of sitting at home, consider making a reading list, practicing a new skill, or even taking a class. Trustees voted overwhelmingly to retain the university's name and its ties to Robert E. Lee. Black alumni were unsurprised by trustees' decision and await more changes. W&L's president promises to continue efforts to make the school more inclusive and diverse. The name can stay, but real change is needed. This was many Black alumni's reaction […] Any college welcoming only fully vaccinated individuals for the fall term has been given the green light to return to full-capacity, in-person learning. Connecting with good references is key to career-building. Learn how to ask for a reference and who you should ask. Attending office hours can help you make valuable connections with professors. Use these tips to show up prepared to make the most out of office hours. Get your foot in the door and develop valuable industry skills and connections through specially designed internships for business majors. Nikole Hannah-Jones, a Black journalist who spearheaded the "1619 Project, has had her tenure bid postponed at UNC-Chapel Hill amid conservative criticism. Many Washington and Lee University students, faculty, and alumni advocate for a name change to end the school's association with a Confederate general. Learn about the best free and affordable online writing tools and find out which ones can help you become a better writer. In the face of a pandemic and economic recession, college students and recent graduates remain optimistic about finding employment in the coming year. Despite increases in tuition costs and university presidents' pay, college professor salaries remain mostly stagnant. Rarely, a professor can earn millions. Even as COVID-19 vaccination rates soar, college students need to stay vigilant. Keep yourself healthy by following basic practices, like washing your hands. Learn how to stay safe at a college party, while still having fun. Use these tips to create a safety plan so you can get home in one piece. Juneteenth is an important holiday that recognizes and honors Black history. Here are five ways colleges and students can celebrate Juneteenth in 2021. As more colleges bring critical race theory into their core curricula, Republican leaders take steps to ban the theory from being taught in public classrooms. Learn about the five factors to consider when choosing an LGBTQ+-friendly college, from campus support and advocacy programs to gender-inclusive facilities. After temporarily dropping SAT/ACT requirements due to COVID-19, some schools, including the University of California, are making the changes permanent. When it comes to the quarter system vs. semester in college, which is better? Discover the pros and cons of each academic calendar. Writing certificate programs help students gain critical skills and get a leg up in pursuing an array of careers, from screenwriting to digital marketing. Learn about the different types of colleges and universities in the United States and how their numbers break down across the country. Earlier COVID-19 emergency grants excluded undocumented and international college students. Now all students may be eligible for grants and other support. Failing a test is part of college. Use these five tips to get past the frustration of failing an exam and to perform better on your next assessment. Strong, concise cover letters get you interviews. For college students, cover letters help showcase experiences and skills that don't appear on a resume. Many need-blind colleges turn need-aware when considering waitlisted applicants — a dubious practice that raises questions about accessibility and privilege. As part of a new outreach campaign, Ohio teens who've received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose can enter to win full-ride scholarships to in-state colleges. While college students have struggled with grades and mental health during COVID-19 learning disruptions, many want to retain the option to learn online. Enrollment declines continue to plague colleges and universities across the U.S., with students of color disproportionately affected. More and more colleges plan to reopen this fall, but students must maintain realistic expectations as they prepare to return to campus. Learn about the causes of college closures, whether your own school is at risk of shutting down, and what you can do if it closes permanently. It's not uncommon for new college graduates to struggle to find a job and get interviews. Here, we lay out our top five tips for landing a job after college. Check out our guide on how to land a summer internship. Find out where to look and what it takes to secure these important opportunities. Even as students struggle with rising college costs, university presidents rake in millions amid rapid increases in salaries, bonuses, benefits, and perks. College students stand to benefit from Biden's new proposals, which include two years of free community college, more Pell Grant funding, and retention efforts. Want to test out of college courses? Learn about the College Board CLEP test and how to pass your exams to earn college credits. Learn why some believe college admissions lotteries could reduce stress and increase diversity, and why others don't think it's the right answer. Explore the differences between a co-op vs. internship. Learn more about these programs and how students can choose the right one. Find out how to apply for an internship and how to stand out from the crowd with a solid resume, cover letter, references, and portfolio. Learn how to write an email asking for an internship and read an example internship request. Find out how to write a cover letter for an internship. Learn what to include and how to format your cover letter so that it stands out from the competition. To land a great job out of college, you'll need to craft a compelling resume. These resume tips teach you how to sell yourself and highlight your strengths. Learn all about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types and what kinds of fields and careers might be best suited to you based on your personality. Test anxiety can impede your performance on exams and in classes. Applying these practical tips before and during assessments can increase confidence. Taking summer classes can help you save money and check off gen ed requirements. Use these tips to decide whether summer courses are right for you. LinkedIn offers an array of services for job-seekers and college students. Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn to build connections and land a job. College waitlists are expected to be longer and more unpredictable this year. Here's what you can do to help yourself cope with the worry-filled process. Salary negotiation can be a nerve-racking experience. These four tips teach you how to negotiate salary and other job benefits with confidence and clarity. To better understand the history and contributions of Asian Americans, here are nine compelling books every college student should make time to read. Learn what Biden's American Rescue Plan has in store for colleges, from money for schools' lost revenue to student grants for tuition, housing, and more. Find out how to pass the TEAS through this informative guide. Learn about the best TEAS preparation resources and how to ace your exam. Save money and earn your degree faster. The CLEP test lets you earn college credit for what you already know. Celebrate a loved one's milestone with one of the best college graduation gifts for 2021. Peruse products for tech lovers, jet-setters, bookworms, and more! Learn about the best TEAS study guides and TEAS practice tests to help you prepare for the TEAS exam. Check out our guide to learn about 10 essential soft skills that many employers seek, from problem-solving to time management. College students can find ways to increase their productivity and enhance their decision-making skills while reducing stress with these six essential tips. Looking for the right college fit? Tapping into reliable sources like campus websites and direct contact with schools and students are key to your search. Many college graduates struggle to find jobs. Learn what employers are looking for, how to gain skills, and how you can succeed in today's workforce. Today's college grads and soon-to-be grads must enter a daunting job market due to COVID-19, but you can still secure a job and achieve your career goals. Learn about affordable online Japanese classes. Compare different Japanese language programs and their unique features. A new survey finds that the American workforce values soft skills honed through experience, but jobs that build soft skills take degrees. Find out how to become a chemical engineer. Learn more about salaries, education requirements, and what chemical engineers do. Learn what it takes to become a kinesiologist. Read up on the different kinesiology degrees and promising career opportunities for graduates. Though a virtual graduation may seem anticlimactic, college grads can still find ways to celebrate and mark this important milestone and accomplishment. Learn how to build your public speaking skills through a variety of proven tips and see how public speaking can enhance your career opportunities. Choose the right college textbooks for your learning style. Check out our comparison of e-textbooks vs. regular books and make informed purchases. Many perceive Asian Americans as an ideal racial minority. In reality, though, this stereotype is not only inaccurate but also extremely harmful. If you love education and want to become a teacher, going back to college for a teaching degree can set you up on an exciting and fulfilling career path. Finding a job after graduating college can be difficult. Learn useful skills and strategies to help you attract potential employers and demonstrate your value. Colleges across the U.S. have announced plans to return to in-person instruction this fall, but strict COVID-19 campus guidelines will remain in place. Study groups can help college students thrive academically. Learn what makes for a successful study group and how to form a group that's right for you. Discover ways to cut costs and find cheap college textbooks. You can also recoup money by selling your used textbooks. This year, college decision day is back to May 1. Last spring, more than 400 colleges pushed the national decision deadline to June or later due to COVID-19. Find the perfect present for the college athlete in your life by looking at our gift guide. Help students balance work and play with these fun ideas. Read this guide to figure out whether you should rent or buy your textbooks for school, and learn about the best college textbook rental websites. Learn about the different federal TRIO programs that assist historically underrepresented students with preparing for and succeeding in college. Gain valuable work experience and industry connections with these art internships in animation, design, fashion, music, and the performing arts. Cannabis college courses and degrees are cropping up around the country, but are they legit? Read about the latest trends in this budding industry. COVID-19 is hurting Latino/a students' education gains. After decades of growth, fewer Latinos/as went to college this year, and fewer plan on going next year. Many fail to recognize the diversity of Asian communities, especially on college campuses. We look at some of the challenges faced by Asian American students. Learn everything you need to know about income share agreements, including which schools offer them and what to watch out for with this new payment option. As more colleges require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for students coming to campus this fall, states claim emergency-use vaccines cannot be mandatory. The U.S. is experiencing a sharp rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, leaving AA college students to find ways to deal with the consequences of these events. Community colleges, which serve mostly low-income students at higher health and economic risk during the pandemic, report unprecedented enrollment drops. Choosing a college is an important milestone for students. Learn about the six factors you must consider before committing to a school. STEM fields are highly lucrative and in demand, but Black, brown, and female students face unique barriers to receiving a STEM education in college. Understand the real costs of an online vs. on-campus education to determine which is better for your unique needs and circumstances. Often taking 6-9 months, certificates are typically cheaper than traditional degrees and can launch careers in healthcare, administration, and IT. Google Career Certificates and other professional certificate programs aim to meet a growing demand for shorter, cheaper, career-focused education. In a new BestColleges survey, 95% of college students say COVID-19 has negatively impacted their mental health, which, in turn, has affected their education. Recent changes to provide more debt relief to defrauded students and students with disabilities suggest Biden may consider debt cancellation on a grand scale. The pandemic has contributed to sharp spikes in violence against women. College students can help spread awareness of the issue through several avenues. After a year of campus shutdowns due to COVID-19, more colleges are planning to host socially distanced graduation ceremonies alongside virtual screenings. Although it hurts, college rejection is a normal part of the admissions process. Get advice on what to do if you receive a college rejection letter. Learn some virtual interview tips, as well as ways to remain productive while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get tips for starting a business consulting career. Learn what steps you need to take to establish yourself in the consulting industry. You can't produce a strong essay without knowing how to write a good conclusion. Learn the best tips for crafting an effective conclusion paragraph. Read our guide on nuclear engineering jobs and learn how you can launch an impactful career related to medicine, energy, or national defense. A new Netflix documentary titled "Operation Varsity Blues" dives into the 2019 college admissions scandal and its impact on higher education. A student's life is full of deadlines. Learn the best strategies for approaching your professor to ask for an extension on an assignment. As schools adopted test-optional policies, selective colleges experienced an unprecedented climb in first-year applications, thereby lowering fall admission rates. Learn how to prepare for your AP exams and discover some useful study tips that can help improve your exam scores. Microdegrees help learners develop a specialization or skill set. These courses save students time and money compared to traditional college degrees. Schools, organizations, and state governments all issue education credentials, but there are big differences between certificates, licenses, and certifications. Art internships help students hone both creative and professional skills, but COVID-19 has forced many organizations to change or cancel their programs. Auditing a class allows students to learn without the pressure of grades and GPAs. Discover what it means to audit a class in college and how to get started. What questions should you be asking your high school guidance counselor? Find out what a director of college counseling has to say. After a year of campus shutdowns, 82% of college students say COVID-19 disrupted or impacted their education, according to a new BestColleges survey. The coronavirus vaccine is just around the corner, but many Americans — including one-third of college-aged adults — plan to hold off on getting vaccinated. Defrauded college graduates, mostly from for-profit colleges, now have a broader avenue to debt forgiveness under Biden's new education secretary. College presentations can be nerve-racking. Explore the best tips and tricks for giving engaging presentations and reducing pre-presentation stress. Learn about the unique challenges facing minority students entering the workforce, and discover some of the best tips for easing this transition. We've listed eight great jobs for ENTJ personality types. Learn how many careers in STEM and business are suited to the talents of ENTJs. Read our list of the top 10 jobs in sports to find the sports career that fits your strengths and interests. Universities can promote equity for women and combat gender discrimination in the workforce by holding workshops and highlighting women's accomplishments. Learn about the characteristics of ENFJs and explore top career choices for this personality type. More colleges are prioritizing adjunct professors over tenure-track positions, but these low-paying gigs often lead to burnout and long-term instability. Hazing on college campuses — especially alcohol-fueled hazing — has been a problem for years, but new laws aim to crack down on the dangerous tradition. The U.S. is home to millions of students. Learn how many college students are in the U.S. based on categories like state, school type, sex, and race/ethnicity. Read through our list of the best jobs for ESTJs to find a career that matches your personality. Explore the best jobs for ESTPs by reading our informative guide. Find out which careers match these magnetic, extroverted individuals. We've listed the eight best jobs for ISTJs. Learn about common traits of this personality type and compare top careers for an ISTJ. More college students are eligible for the latest round of stimulus checks, part of a $1.9 trillion plan that includes several perks for higher education. President Biden recently signed into law a massive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, giving students and colleges more money and support. College degree-holders are more likely to be able to work from home — a huge bonus on a shaky job market that's been otherwise punishing for college grads. Despite being denied an education for years, women have made critical contributions to science. Here, we introduce 13 pioneers and their biggest achievements. Many college students study two different fields, but is double majoring worth it? Discover the pros and cons of a double major and what the alternatives are. Today, women make up the majority of bachelor's degree-holders — a victory that was only made possible after centuries of battling a sexist education system. Many people seek careers that bring meaning to their lives. These 10 happiest jobs promise both long-term professional satisfaction and solid salaries. Academic advisors do more than just help students plan their college careers. Here are the best questions to ask your advisor the next time you go in. Many students of color experience racism on campus. In order to combat hate crimes and racial microaggressions, colleges must promote a culture of anti-racism. You can enjoy life and still save money while going to school. Learn how to save money in college without missing out. Learn about the best careers for ISTP personality types. ISTPs often enjoy working alone, pay close attention to detail, and embrace practical thinking. In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in staggering enrollment drops, particularly among first-year college students and underserved students. The pandemic has exacerbated instances of food insecurity among college students, contributing to poor academic performance and mental health issues. For centuries, higher education excluded women. These 13 trailblazers forged a path for women everywhere to earn college degrees, not to mention respect. Many high school students struggle to choose between the SAT and ACT. Discover the exams' biggest differences and which to take based on your unique strengths. What Is Tenure? A Look at the Past, Present, and Future Our newest Online Education Trends Report reveals unique insights about online learning trends and COVID-19's impact on school and student perspectives. Read about AP classes and how they may benefit students preparing for college. Miguel Cardona, a longtime educator and Connecticut's education commissioner, was recently confirmed as education secretary, bringing the DeVos era to an end. Getting to know people in college is often hard enough without a pandemic. One student opens up about her experience with making friends during COVID-19. Many work remotely due to COVID-19. For college students, remote jobs can offer flexibility, allow them to save money, and help them develop crucial skills. Find out what questions to ask when searching for high-quality online schools, and get expert tips on how to determine the quality of an online program. Read about the best student checking accounts, which help students develop good money management habits in college and beyond. Free college — already a reality in some European countries — is gaining traction among U.S. politicians. The current pandemic could push plans into action. Biden aims to quell the college affordability crisis but continues to resist pressure from Democrats to cancel $50,000 in student debt by executive order. Learn about the differences between computer information systems and computer science. Find out which field is a better match for your personality. Learn how to take and pass the civil service exam. And explore a few jobs requiring the civil service exam. Many students find making friends in college challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can put yourself out there and meet new people. Read about the best jobs for ENFP personality types. Compare professional details and career projections to find a job that matches your strengths. We've identified some of the best jobs for ENTPs. These careers take advantage of your creativity, love of people, and problem-solving skills. Discover what your personality type says about you and your ideal job. Read about common INFP attributes and find a good career fit for your personality. We've listed eight top careers for INTP careers you can pursue. Compare different options and find a job that's a good match for your INTP personality. When Is Ivy Day 2021? | BestColleges Social distancing measures and the adoption of remote learning have greatly hampered campus activism, forcing students to get creative about promoting causes. A panel of online education experts share their tips for remote learning success and advice for choosing a high-quality online bachelor's program. Women must tackle unique obstacles in STEM careers. Learn about the factors that contribute to the lack of women — especially women of color — in STEM. A high GRE score can help you get into graduate school and may even qualify you for scholarships. Find out what's considered a good GRE score. Biden has wasted no time in addressing higher education policy. Learn about Biden's proposals regarding college accessibility, student loans, and COVID-19. Part of doing well in college is learning how to write a body paragraph, which should support your essay's thesis claim through evidence and cogent analysis. Millions of people listen to podcasts, including many college students. These Black-led podcasts are paving the way for diverse voices in the podcasting space. Many colleges use student evaluations of faculty to make crucial hiring and promotion decisions, but studies reveal problematic biases in professor ratings. Campus closures due to COVID-19 impact students' ability to succeed. With colleges closed, students and schools grapple with logistics and the digital divide. Zoom etiquette can go a long way in online learning and community-building. Learn the best practices for participating in live, online video meetings. Finding the right laptop for college can be tricky. Learn what to look for in terms of RAM and display and how you can save money with student discounts. Young people voted in force in 2020, according to early voter data, due to factors such as college education, swing state urgency, and pandemic-related shifts. According to a national BestColleges survey, many Americans and most college students believe student loan debt should be canceled. For hundreds of years, women were banned from practicing medicine. Thanks to these brave pioneers, women can now pursue rewarding careers in the medical field. President Biden unveils a $175 billion plan to reopen schools, prepares to forgive student loan debt, and rescinds a Trump-era policy on diversity training. Over 1,100 Columbia University students refuse to pay for the spring term until tuition, financial aid, campus police, and gentrification are addressed. College students of all backgrounds should read these 11 books by Black authors, from young adult fantasy novels to memoirs of social activists. More and more people are recognizing the value of an HBCU education. Learn about the unique benefits these institutions offer from an HBCU alum and professor. The College Board is kicking off 2021 by discontinuing SAT Subject Tests, eliminating the optional SAT essay, and introducing plans for a new digital SAT. Create a comfortable and functional study space in your home with these essential products. One of the most controversial education secretaries who often sparred with Democratic policymakers and teachers, Betsy DeVos leaves behind a unique legacy. Rural students attend college at lower rates than their urban and suburban peers. The economic recession and cultural divide could widen the education gap. Want to take better notes during class? Learn about popular note-taking methods and other tips to help boost your academic performance in college. Check out these tips for waking up early in college so you can get better sleep, maximize your productivity, and feel more energized throughout the day. Learn how to create the best class schedule each semester by considering important academic and nonacademic factors. A new report introduces the top workplace competencies — the knowledge, skills, and abilities — today's employers look for when evaluating job candidates. Many colleges offer prospective students the chance to interview with an alum. Learn what to expect in such an interview and how to leave a good impression. In response to COVID-19, the Department of Education announced it will suspend payments and waive interest on federal student loans until October 1, 2021. Many people with anxiety struggle to land a job they can perform confidently. Here, we list some of the best low-stress jobs for anxiety-prone individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many university students financially vulnerable. Find out how to stay financially secure in college during these trying times. Want to get more organized this semester? Read this post to increase your productivity and boost your organizational skills. Online courses are becoming more common. This guide looks at the similarities, differences, and pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Read our guide to learn more about medical assistant training and certification. Learn about the education and licensing requirements needed to become a dental hygienist. Learn how to become an electrician, including everything you need to know about electrician training and licensing requirements. Do you want to earn a bachelor's but can't decide which type of degree to pursue? Check out this article to learn the differences between a BA and a BS. While dual enrollment can help you earn college credits and save money on higher ed, it can also take time away from school activities and increase stress. Looking to earn credits more efficiently? Learn how you can use tests, work credentials, and other work and life experiences to earn college credit. Fraternities and sororities offer many benefits, although they're not for everyone. Find out if Greek life is right for you. U.S. student debt has swelled to $1.7 trillion, but you can make college more affordable through a combination of grants, jobs, and other money-saving tricks. Homeschooling has grown more popular during the pandemic. Will students stay home even after schools reopen? Looking for a job that doesn't require a bachelor's? Learn about 20 in-demand jobs you can get with a two-year degree. Facing low enrollment and steep COVID-19 costs, colleges around the U.S. are freezing scores of undergraduate and graduate programs, many in the liberal arts. It's normal for college students to feel some level of stress, but burnout can lead to poor academic performance and serious health issues like depression. Taxes can be confusing, especially if you're a parent with a kid in college. Learn how to claim your student as a dependent and the benefits of doing so. HBCUs were established to provide avenues to higher ed for Black Americans. Today, these schools continue to offer critical support and guidance. The art sector has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some art degree jobs are thriving in spite of the economic downturn. Want to jumpstart or advance an IT career? These professional certifications provide evidence of your software and cloud computing expertise to clients. More than 1,200 business programs hold accreditation from ACBSP. Learn how this type of accreditation can impact your education and your future career. All college students must wear face masks due to COVID-19, but the policy raises challenges for students in terms of communication, confidence, and learning. A double win for Georgia progressives means a Democratic-controlled government and a massive potential shakedown at the Department of Education. Not everyone wants to teach for decades. If you're ready to move out of the classroom, these jobs for former teachers can help you find the right path. Professional certifications help workers advance their careers and boost their earning potential. Read more about role-specific certifications in this guide. Colleges often fail to address the unique needs of student parents. Here are four simple ways universities can support this group's academic success. Note-taking apps offer a convenient way to digitally store and organize info. Learn more about the best note-taking apps and which one is most useful for you. Looking to advance your career? Learn about the benefits of professional certifications, and explore programs that can boost your credibility in your field. You can't always practice what you've learned in a real-world setting, which is why simulations are key to honing the job skills you'll need to succeed. Get a great score on SAT Subject Tests using these top-rated prep books for 2021. Knowing a second language can pave the way for a successful global career. Here, we introduce the most useful languages to learn in college and beyond. There's much more to the college experience than classes and grades. Campus traditions let you celebrate your school, oftentimes in fun but odd ways. The pandemic has moved pretty much everything online, including college career fairs. Learn how to impress potential employers through your computer screen. International student numbers declined dramatically at U.S. colleges this fall, spelling trouble for schools, the economy, and future international exchange. Environmental studies is a constantly evolving field. Some of the most compelling research areas today include climate change, limnology, and conservation. Learn about top GRE prep books, compare prices, and decide which study book is best for you. The pandemic has forced many college students to stay home — but that doesn't mean you can't virtually participate in campus clubs and organizations. INTJ personality types tend to prioritize logic, efficiency, and problem-solving. If you're an INTJ, consider pursuing one of these eight lucrative careers. Interested in public sector jobs? Check out this blog to learn about MPA degrees and the exciting careers available to MPA graduates. Democrats passed a large coronavirus relief bill offering extended loan deferral and up to $10k in loan forgiveness, but Republicans think it's too costly. Grab one of these 10 best LSAT prep books to help you prepare for the LSAT and get admitted into law school. The MCAT plays a big role in getting into medical school. This guide helps aspiring medical students find the best MCAT prep books to prepare for the exam. Student evaluations show a bias against female professors, which hampers efforts to increase diversity among college faculty members. College students throughout the U.S. stand to be impacted by Georgia's Senate runoff elections, but Georgia college students could strongly sway the election. Many colleges offered tuition discounts in response to COVID-19, but a pricing model that relies heavily on discounts and loans fails to benefit all students. College-to-career bridge programs prepare graduates for the workplace by helping them develop in-demand job skills and forge industry connections. In a new BestColleges survey, online college students share their biggest tips for doing well in an online class, from taking notes to asking questions. Unlike traditional teaching methods, culturally responsive teaching embraces student diversity and promotes culture, collaboration, and engagement. Research shows that schools don't significantly spread COVID-19, and that closures are harming students, particularly low-income, Black, and brown students. Discover the greatest classic and contemporary science fiction books for adults and college students. Since the start of the pandemic, colleges around the U.S. have rigorously conducted COVID-19 research to aid in the fight against the illness. Before COVID-19, colleges relied on letter grades and exams. Now, schools are adopting alternative modes of assessment, like pass/fail marks and epic finales. Organizational psychology has become increasingly important in the workplace. Learn about the career options available to students majoring in this field. What is a dual degree and how hard is it to double major? This guide answers these questions and explores the benefits offered by these academic pathways. Certain colleges require or recommend an admission interview. Learn about common questions you'll be asked and how to ensure success in your college interview. This list of the best 50 gifts for college students will give you ideas for any time of year. In January, once election results are finalized and the inauguration is complete, the majority of student borrowers could see their debt erased. COVID-19 cases on college campuses have skyrocketed in recent months. Schools continue to test new strategies to help curb the spread of the virus. Service learning unites classwork and community service, and reminds college students of their responsibilities as citizens and skilled professionals. California has voted to uphold its decades-old affirmative action ban, which prohibits discrimination and preferential treatment in college admissions. Female online students, who far outnumber their male peers, face more challenges than men in online education but continue to excel academically. One college student shares her and her peers' experiences facing pandemic-related challenges, such as combating depression and staying focused in school. In the midst of a global economic downturn due to the pandemic, these five essential job skills can help you sell yourself and land the position you want. Although college sports play a big role in bringing in money for universities, they rarely generate a positive net revenue — especially in light of COVID-19. Artistic students may be interested in the animation industry. Discover the benefits of obtaining an animation degree and what kinds of jobs you can get. Part of earning a good grade in an online class is being able to give a stellar virtual presentation. These expert online presentation tips guarantee success. President-elect Joe Biden has promised free college and debt forgiveness. Students could see new policies and relief funds as soon as January. College applicants are increasingly weighing schools' environmental practices, programs, and offerings before making an enrollment decision. President-elect Joe Biden promises free community college to all, free four-year college to some, and improved student debt repayment plans. Vice President-elect Harris brings her background as a student of color to her education policy, promising to fund Title I schools and minority-serving colleges. College students today are more passionate about the environment than ever. Discover the value of a green degree and learn how to chart a sustainable career. After several colleges made diversity coursework a graduation requirement, Trump now threatens to pull funding from schools teaching diversity and inclusion. COVID-19 has altered the college experience for students who returned to campus this term, leading to more stress and exacerbating students' mental health. When colleges provide contraception and abortion services to students, they promote women's educational success — but they also fuel a contentious debate. College students write many papers, but what's the best way to compose an essay introduction? Learn how to come up with an interesting hook and thesis. The thesis is central to an argumentative essay. These strategies and thesis statement examples will teach you how to write a quality essay introduction. The college student mental health crisis has reached an inflection point in the era of COVID-19 as students struggle with increased isolation and financial anxiety. In addition to shuttering campuses and thrusting online education into the spotlight, COVID-19 has entirely reshaped the college freshman experience. Do numbers and logic entice you? If you're the introverted and focused type, one of these six jobs for analytical thinkers may be an ideal fit for you. Black male students face unique challenges at predominantly white colleges, including feelings of invisibility, microaggressions, and a dearth of Black faculty. A high college GPA can help you get into grad school or qualify for scholarships. Calculating your GPA lets you keep track of your progress toward your goals. A new BestColleges survey reveals that college students are motivated to vote by the coronavirus pandemic and racial inequality, but are split along partisan lines. With the upcoming U.S. presidential election, the future of higher education is at stake. Trump and Biden offer unique approaches to education policy. The Big Ten's decision to reverse course and resume its 2020 fall football season has led to concern among students and public health experts. Working in a cubicle isn't for everyone. If you love the great outdoors, consider pursuing one of these five exciting nature jobs, from forestry to geology. The 2020 election will likely be a pivotal moment for college students. VoteAmerica CEO Debra Cleaver speaks on voting barriers and the youth voter turnout. Colleges need money to operate but can't rely on tuition alone. This is where donors come in. Learn how university endowments work and what they fund. Those employed in creative fields tend to be happiest with their careers. Discover the top five jobs for creative people, from graphic design to marketing. The pandemic, along with a decline in college enrollment, has accelerated financial issues for higher education. How will American colleges face the looming crisis? The NCAA provides support to student-athletes and oversees the rules and regulations that govern collegiate athletics at more than 1,000 member institutions. Students often worry about the effectiveness of online classes. To assuage these concerns, many colleges are using quality standards to design online curricula. A new BestColleges survey reveals distrust of the U.S. electoral and political systems among college students, as well as a lack of civic education. Misinformation and fake news can't stand up to tried-and-true academic research methods. Learn how to search for and identify credible sources in college. Starting your career even one year early means earning dramatically more over your lifetime. But rushing through college isn't the right choice for everyone. If you're an animal lover, you may want to consider working with animals. Discover the top five jobs involving animals, from veterinary medicine to ecology. The 2020 presidential candidates take opposing sides on most education issues, including K-12 funding, student loan debt, and reopening college campuses. College students who flout COVID-19 rules can be sent home, temporarily or permanently, and without refunds. Some suspended students' families plan to sue. Political activism plays a critical role in many students' lives. These 10 college campuses all boast impressive legacies of student protests and social action. Many creative types pursue an art major in college. But is an art degree worth it? Learn what skills you'll gain in an art program and what jobs you can... Housing insecurity plagues many college students in the U.S., but the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified issues of basic needs insecurity and student homelessness. Many colleges rely on endowments to support students and improve academic programs. But endowment size doesn't necessarily equate to a better education. Astronauts lead space missions, work with new technologies, and conduct research. Learn how to become an astronaut and what kind of preparation is required. Whether you're majoring in business or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, these 25 must-read business books can give you the tips you need to succeed. More colleges now require students to take an ethnic studies course, but barriers like COVID-19 may decrease the number of students of color at these schools. Thousands of U.S. college students study abroad each year, but where should you go? Here are the 12 best countries to study abroad and why. Wastewater tests, anonymous tracking apps, and easier testing methods help colleges stay open and test pilot COVID-19 solutions for the greater good. Some states make registering to vote very tricky for college students away from home. Experts say blocking student votes can greatly impact election results. Students of color continue to face racism and hate crimes on campus. Some colleges offer better support than others through special policies and groups. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. These free online Spanish classes will have you communicating confidently in no time. A sports medicine degree teaches you how to treat and prevent sports injuries and prepares you for a lucrative career as an in-demand healthcare professional. College students continue to sue for tuition refunds and petition for discounts as colleges struggle to enroll students and reopen campuses. A Latin American studies program offers an overview of the history and cultures of Latin America and dives into the unique experiences of Hispanic Americans. A legacy student attends a school that their parent or other family member also attended. Today, legacy college admissions remains a controversial practice. Many colleges will remain online this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These six tips will teach students who are new to online education how to succeed. Biotechnology uses biology and technology to solve problems and create products. Learn what a biotechnology major entails — and whether it's right for you. Housed inside many U.S. universities, honors colleges challenge high-achieving students with rigorous classes and unique academic opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to rethink community service, but you can still volunteer and make a difference — even if you're stuck at home. The Federal Work-Study Program pays students for on- or off-campus work. The work experience could be more valuable than the average dollar amount awarded. Millennials and Gen Zers represent the largest share of eligible voters in 2020. But college-aged voters often face steep hurdles getting to the polls. The field of marketing is diverse and dynamic, regularly changing with the advent of new technologies. Learn about popular marketing specializations that can help you succeed. For-profit colleges charge students more and leave more students in debt. Despite government scrutiny, these schools continue to profit through legal loopholes. COVID-19 has threatened students' college plans and altered the higher ed landscape. Now, new and returning students want mostly hybrid or online options. The humanities focus on culture, literature, art, and human values. Learn what a humanities major entails and what jobs you can get with a humanities degree. As colleges struggle to keep students safe from COVID-19 amid fall campus reopenings, parents question whether in-person instruction is worth the risk. Many colleges will stay online this fall despite governmental pressure to reopen. While health and safety remain top priorities, vulnerable students may suffer. One facet of the liberal arts, social science is the study of humans and society. Learn the different types of social science majors and jobs you can pursue. The education plans of a significant percentage of college-bound students languish over the summer. Low-income, first-generation students are most vulnerable. Many students flock to just a handful of popular majors, leading to crowded fields. A well-chosen major and minor can give you a competitive edge for jobs. If you want to start your own business, going back to college for an entrepreneurship degree can be a wise — and possibly highly lucrative — decision. Companies that recruit college students and recent graduates changed their hiring practices in response to COVID-19 — where and what you studied matters. Affirmative action was created to improve access to jobs and higher ed for women and people of color — but many still debate its effectiveness and ethics. What are the Ivy League schools? Learn about how the Ivy League was formed, how much an Ivy League education costs, and how selective these colleges are. More students of color are going to college, but graduation rates remain low. Many colleges fail to support and retain Black and Hispanic students. Many students today are challenging racism in higher education by demanding colleges rename buildings and remove statues honoring racist historical figures. African American studies gives students a better understanding of the unique challenges and the cultural impact of Black people throughout U.S. history. College students today face an uncertain future when it comes to work. Two career theories offer tips for job hunting and finding professional success. ICE will let international students stay in the U.S., even if their schools go online — but incoming freshmen still face visa issues and travel restrictions. Over half of colleges plan to reopen for in-person instruction this fall, but living and learning on campus will look a lot different than it did pre-pandemic. Online college students face many unique challenges, but building a reliable support network can help keep you on track to achieving your academic goals. American higher education today promotes learning for everyone, but in the past it exclusively benefited wealthy, white, male, Christian students. Many community college students plan to transfer to a four-year college, but few succeed. Closing the transfer gap is critical to closing opportunity gaps. A college mentor can support students in their academic and professional pursuits, even virtually. Learn what a good mentor looks like and how to find one. Students transfer colleges for many reasons, such as better fit or cheaper tuition. Discover the top 12 reasons students give for transferring colleges. Due to COVID-19, many colleges are letting students take a lab online. Learn what to expect in online science labs, from at-home kits to digital simulations. These days, 9 in 10 new jobs require a college degree, but only about 60% of college students graduate. Higher education is a powerful but risky investment. First-generation college students face challenges applying to and graduating from college, but college prep and support can help narrow the opportunity gap. Oceanographers play a critical role in environmental protection and awareness. Learn what an oceanographer does and how to become one. A park ranger not only protects public lands but also interacts with visitors and enforces the law. Learn how to become a park ranger in this complete guide. Sam Wein discusses his transformative experience with the LGBTQ+ campus group "Safezones" as an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. COVID-19 has exacerbated existing challenges for colleges, such as low enrollment. The future of higher education may lie in technology and online learning. Combating systemic racism requires education on what it is and how it works. Begin learning with these free race, equity, and diversity online courses. COVID-19 has shown us that remote learning may play a bigger role in the future. This online professor discusses his experience with teaching online courses.COVID-19 has shown us that remote... Pressed by protests, some colleges are responding to student activists calls to cut ties with police and better foster the success of students of color. Pop culture is everywhere: in music, online, and in movies. By taking college courses in these subjects, you''ll learn about pop culture''s central role in society. Despite its often negative associations, a liberal arts degree can teach you in-demand soft skills and set you up for an array of potential career paths. Liberal arts comprises the humanities, arts, and sciences. Learn about the liberal arts majors you can study and the value of going to a liberal arts college. A growing industry, organic farming offers a sustainable alternative to traditional farming. Discover why organic agriculture is gaining traction in higher ed. Political science teaches high-value skills in research, communication, and analysis that can be applied to jobs in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. COVID-19 has made career planning more uncertain than ever. Learn how to prepare yourself to face any challenges that may disrupt your professional journey. Gap years are becoming an increasingly popular choice among high school graduates, especially during COVID-19. Discover the pros and cons of taking a gap year. Many college students take on part-time gigs to earn extra money. These 33 side hustles can help students increase their cash flow — even during a pandemic. Biology is a challenging major, but well worth the investment of time and energy. Biology majors can choose from a variety of well-paying careers. Campus closures due to COVID-19 pose a unique challenge for LGBTQ+ college students. One expert weighs in on how the pandemic has affected this population. Education Sec. Betsey DeVos rewrote Obama-era Title IX guidelines for handling sexual harassment on campus to reduce the number of cases. The CARES Act includes $14 billion for higher education. Half of the money goes to student financial aid, but some needy students are not eligible. The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened challenges for underserved college student populations. One expert discusses the challenges these students face. College expenses mean education doesn't pay off for everyone, but most degree-holders earn more over their lifetimes. Your major plays a big role. Healthcare education is changing rapidly due to COVID-19. As medical students spend their time volunteering, classes go online and telemedicine picks up steam. As college career centers go virtual due to COVID-19, students still need help finding jobs online, confirming internships, and improving professional profiles. Group projects in college, especially in online classes, can be tricky to handle. Learn the best tips for planning and executing remote group assignments. Student activism has been around for centuries. Discover how college students have staged campus protests throughout history. Are unpaid internships worth it? Are they legal? Students unsure whether they can afford an internship need the right information and latest data. Starting a career in artificial intelligence is possible with the right education and experience. This article covers AI courses, jobs, and online AI resources. Media studies entails the study of mass communication and encourages media literacy. Discover why every college student should take a media studies course. Coronavirus has highlighted the heroic efforts of front-line healthcare workers. Prospective healthcare students can expect jobs in this field to grow over the next decade. College students petition and sue schools for tuition refunds, saying online edu during COVID-19 should cost less. Colleges are hurting financially, too. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a deepening digital divide among American college students, particularly underserved students who lack stable internet access. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, prospective students must rely more than ever on virtual resources and tools to choose a college that's right for them. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced professors to transition to online classes. Discover some of the best skills and resources for how to teach online. Attending graduate school allows you to conduct research and gain critical skills for your career. Learn about the pros and cons of earning a graduate degree. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced college instructors to transition their classes fully online. Several college instructors discuss how they've dealt with the sudden shift to online learning. Colleges and students want campuses to reopen, but the threat of a coronavirus resurgence means changing the school year and keeping some education online. Many college students are struggling in school due to the coronavirus. These expert tips explain how to improve mental health and pandemic-related stress. These top 15 podcasts for college students combine vibrant storytelling with insights on student life, real-world issues, and money. In the wake of COVID-19, virtual classes have created challenges for students and instructors. Check out these essential tips for making the switch to online learning. A new BestColleges survey shows that over 8 in 10 students experiencing educational disruptions from COVID-19 are experiencing increased stress. Free online courses are available during the coronavirus shutdown from some of the world's top universities. Discover the most popular courses out there. Coronavirus has shut down college campuses across the world, but institutions of higher education have weathered worse pandemics with great resiliency. MOOCs allow learners to take online courses outside a formal university setting. Discover the top 10 platforms for online courses. From space flight to computer science, women have made outstanding contributions to the tech industry. Learn about 10 women who pioneered tech. As the coronavirus continues to impact college life, companies are offering discounts and free access to their products and services to help students and teachers transition to online learning. Meditation can help college students remain focused, relaxed, and stress-free. Discover how to start a meditation practice in college. With so many distractions at home, it can be difficult to remain focused on your studies. Discover some essential study habits for remaining productive at home. Student loan debt in the U.S. passed the $1.5 trillion mark last year. Decreasing public subsidies and big paychecks for administrators are partly to blame. The coronavirus outbreak may cause college campuses to close in the United States. Here are some tips to prepare for the switch to online learning. A new BestColleges survey reveals that, while most graduates think college is a good financial investment, most would change their majors if they could go back. Writing a thesis statement is hard work. Discover the best tips and tricks for crafting an effective thesis statement and supporting it in an academic essay. Many college students wonder why they should study abroad and how to do it. This guide answers some commonly asked questions about studying abroad in college. Discover the latest trends in online education from Melissa Venable, Ph.D., who talks about her main takeaways from the 2019 OLC Accelerate Conference. Students with children face a variety of obstacles in college. Find out what can be done to help parents in the college classroom. Columbia University offers a prestigious fellowship to graduates of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Discover the benefits of this unique program from Dr. Jason Wingard. Is a history degree worth it? Discover why history degrees add value to your career. Learn how to incorporate adult life skills into a college curriculum and what to include. In college news this week: Several policy changes from the Department of Education and a USA Today op-ed from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Also: a foreign student crisis, legal marijuana... In college news this week: President Donald Trump signs executive order withholding federal funds from campuses where anti-Semitism or anti-Israel protests occur. Also, the University of Phoenix cancels student debts,... Students may be surprised to learn not all colleges charge for tuition. Discover the most innovative schools with free college tuition and how to get in. Online education is increasingly popular, but students may wonder whether it's worth it. Melissa Venable, Ph.D., debunks the myths about earning an online degree. Searching for jobs in college is difficult. Discover the best tips and tricks for landing a job after college from career expert Mark Beal. College students around the world are mobilizing around climate change. Discover the latest news and tips for how to fight climate change in college. College students may feel overwhelmed in their career search, but they needn't stress. Dr. Yessel Yoon provides some essential job search and application tips to help them succeed. This article features several unique colleges with nontraditional approaches to majors, scheduling, and tuition-free education. Learning how to write an email to a professor is an important college skill. Here, we''ve outlined some general rules, as well as some do''s and don''ts of email etiquette. Learn from a director of admissions how to get into college and discover the best questions to ask college admissions counselors. In college news this week: Syracuse University shaken by racist incidents that led to the suspension of several students. Also, student protests at UC Berkeley, inequity among graduate students, new... These daily writing habits and 10 creative writing prompts will help you become a more effective writer. Balancing work and college is tough. Take the advice of Dr. Jessica Gold about staying mentally healthy while working your way through school. What is the value of an English degree? Find out the truth about English degree jobs and how to make a career from studying English. In college news this week: questions of journalistic integrity at student newspapers. Plus, the Varsity Blues admissions scandal, the NCAA, student protests and boycotts, and some new stats on student... Jobs in the military are plentiful, and engineers are highly in demand. Explore what it takes to become a U.S. Army engineer and the steps needed to get there. In college news this week: Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was found in contempt of court over student loan bills. Also, sexual harassment on campus, new NCAA rules for... Online education presents many options, including what have become known as "mega-universities." Explore what these options mean for students. College news for October 2019: Should college athletes be paid? Also, college admissions scandal update, FAFSA help, bias in SAT scores, and rising tensions on U.S. campuses. A roundup of news in higher education. A roundup of news in higher education. This article covers California's recent expansion of a program to grant qualifying students free access to two years of community college, as well as similar programs across the country. Learn from three college environmental clubs about the steps eco-conscious students can take to fight climate change and encourage a greener college campus. A roundup of news in higher education. This guide contains everything you need to know about public service student loan forgiveness, including PSLF news, eligibility requirements, and application tips. A roundup of news in higher education. College scholarships can be tricky to track down if you don't know where to start. Discover the best resources for finding the perfect scholarship for you. A roundup of news in higher education. A roundup of news in higher education. A roundup of news in higher education. A roundup of news in higher education. A roundup of news in higher education. This article explores possible effects of student loan debt relief on borrowers and the economy and highlights a study by the Center for Responsible Lending. The alumni of Hampshire College raised funds to keep the school open, bucking the trend of small schools closing. Covers the issues college students care about in the first 2019 Democratic presidential debates, including college affordability, climate change, and gun control. Many college students face mental health struggles. Although campus resources are available, faculty need more training to be able to support their students. Not every student goes to college after high school. Here, former students share why they took time off between high school and college and how it benefited them in the... Generation Z wants to know the best careers for the future. This guide breaks down the data on job growth, salaries, and careers with social impact. Concerned about attending a religious school as a secular student? Here, we offer tips and advice to help you find the right college for your needs. Some shit like that. A professional addiction counselor describes her business and discusses life in the field. Many schools are stepping away from traditional letter grades and GPAs in favor of more nuanced and personalized forms of student assessment. Learn if the chemistry major is right for you and explore potential jobs for chemistry majors.