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Before entering the workforce, students can gain real-world experience through an internship. Learn how to have a great internship experience. If you want to add "proficient in Excel" to your resume, it's about time you discovered Excel TikTok. You don't need a college degree to earn a high salary. We've listed 10 jobs that pay well that don't require a degree. Employers are dropping college degree requirements in favor of skills-based hiring, according to a recent Burning Glass Institute report Externships and internships provide valuable professional experience. But what's the difference — and which should you choose to reach your career goals? The sports industry is growing fast. Here are five careers to consider, as well as helpful tips from sports professionals on how to break into the field. What types of jobs can you get? Discover the benefits of full-time vs. part-time positions and learn about the five types of employment. If you're considering getting a second bachelor's degree, read our guide to learn about the potential benefits and challenges you may face. A growing industry, organic farming offers a sustainable alternative to traditional farming. Discover why organic agriculture is gaining traction in higher ed. Taking time off between jobs benefits workers. And it can be easier to ask for time off than you think. Learn more about scheduling a break between jobs. Breaking into the sports industry can be competitive and intimidating. We spoke with four women in sports about their experiences and advice for success. Mentors support students and help them meet academic and career goals. Check out this list of college mentorship programs to find the right fit for you. Mentors can be valuable resources for college students and recent grads. Learn how to ask for mentorship in a professional and polite manner. Job security remains a key goal for many U.S. workers. By pursuing one of the most in-demand jobs, you can enjoy years of steady employment. A college mentor can support students in their academic and professional pursuits. Learn what a good mentor looks like and how to find one. Want to reenter the workforce? These seven tips cover applications, interviews, and more ways to ease the transition. A letter of interest can help you get jobs at companies that aren't hiring. Use our guide to learn how to craft this document. Canadian universities are more affordable than those in other English-speaking countries. Still, international student's pay the most, and tuition increases every year. EdTech uses digital technology to improve students' performance and facilitate learning. Learn about EdTech tools and how to use them effectively. Increasingly, an associate degree or certificate program is the ticket to a high-paying job in tech. How long has it been since you updated your resume? Use these tips to update your resume for maximum results. Are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it? Hear from a coding bootcamp graduate to see what cybersecurity careers await skilled techies. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Learn why STEM is a great field to major in and pursue professionally. What is continuing education? Learn about continuing education courses and discover why continuing education is important for professionals. Learn about some of the fastest-growing jobs that require a master's degree in 2022, including a variety of positions in the healthcare industry. Find out what to do if you lose your job. Get tips on revising your resume, diversifying your job search, and preparing for interviews. Dissatisfied with your career? Learn how to recognize the eight signs you're ready for a career change and what steps to take. Internships help you get experience in your field. Learn how to leverage internship experience on your resume so you can stand out from the crowd. Introverts thrive in careers that offer them a high degree of independence and self-reliance. Check out the best jobs for introverts. More people are pursuing new career paths for better pay and personal fulfillment. Learn how to change careers successfully at any age. Explore our list of the top 12 jobs for career changers based on demand and earning potential. Learn about these jobs and their education requirements. This article covers employment resources for individuals with disabilities and what college students with disabilities can do to prepare for the workforce. Becoming a professor takes hard work. Learn how to become a college professor by earning a Ph.D. and navigating the academic job market. Learn how to write a curriculum vitae. Find out what to include and follow our tips to make your CV as good as it can possibly be. Is a resume the same as a CV? There are some key differences between the two. Read more about using a CV versus a resume. Curious about which college degrees lead to pandemic-proof careers? This post highlights the jobs and degrees least and most affected by COVID-19. Entry-level jobs are a great starting place for your career. They typically don't require previous experience, but internships can help you land one. Discover five tips that can help you ace your first job interview, including how to prepare for the interview by going over practice questions. Job search sites are a great tool for recent grads to find employment. Check out the six best job search sites and get tips for applying. If you're longing for a career change, going back to college can be a smart choice, especially if you're interested in one of these four in-demand careers. Ready to teach online? We offer 10 tips for successful online teaching. Wondering which associate degree offers the biggest bang for its buck? Check out the 15 highest-paying associate degrees and the careers they can lead to. We've listed the eight best jobs for INFJ personality types. Learn about these personality traits and compare possible careers suited for INFJs. Research shows that people whose jobs center on assisting people tend to be the happiest. Here are some of the best careers for people who want to help others. We've listed eight of the best jobs for ESFJ personality types. Learn about personality traits and compare possible careers suited for ESFJs. Learn more about your personality and careers that may make you happy. Our list of the best jobs for ISFJ personality types can help you find a good fit. Extroverts are known for being outgoing, friendly, and people-oriented. The best "people person" jobs are those that allow you to interact with others. Learn which marketing skills are essential in today's digital business environment and how you can develop them. This list describes the eight best jobs for ISFPs. Learn about this personality type and compare possible careers suited for ISFPs. Learn about top jobs for ESFP personalities, and explore the best career paths that match your personality type. Career bridge programs help students and recent grads succeed in the workplace by providing mentorship opportunities, career development, and training. During an economic downturn, college students can improve job prospects by strengthening soft skills and learning new technologies. Students and recent grads can find internships and job opportunities through the Pathways Programs. Explore how these programs can boost your career. Explore the complex issue of academic freedom, and understand how it impacts what and how subjects are taught in today's college classrooms. Despite rising college costs, some schools are offering generous financial aid packages that make college planning just a bit easier. Use these tips so you can feel prepared for success and armed with questions and applicable skills when starting your first job after college. Connecting with good references is key to career-building. Learn how to ask for a reference and who you should ask. Strong, concise cover letters get you interviews. For college students, cover letters help showcase experiences and skills that don't appear on a resume. It's not uncommon for new college graduates to struggle to find a job and get interviews. Here, we lay out our top five tips for landing a job after college. Check out our guide on how to land a summer internship. Find out where to look and what it takes to secure these important opportunities. Explore the differences between a co-op vs. internship. Learn more about these programs and how students can choose the right one. An internship can give students vital professional experience. Learn how to apply for an internship and craft an engaging resume and cover letter. Learn how to write an email asking for an internship and read an example internship request. Find out how to write a cover letter for an internship. Learn what to include and how to format your cover letter so that it stands out from the competition. To land a great job out of college, you'll need to craft a compelling resume. These resume tips teach you how to sell yourself and highlight your strengths. LinkedIn offers an array of services for job-seekers and college students. Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn to build connections and land a job. Salary negotiation can be a nerve-racking experience. These four tips teach you how to negotiate salary and other job benefits with confidence and clarity. Check out our guide to learn about 10 essential soft skills that many employers seek, from problem-solving to time management. Many college graduates struggle to find jobs. Learn what employers are looking for, how to gain skills, and how you can succeed in today's workforce. Today's college grads and soon-to-be grads must enter a daunting job market due to COVID-19, but you can still secure a job and achieve your career goals. Finding a job after graduating college can be difficult. Learn useful skills and strategies to help you attract potential employers and demonstrate your value. Google Career Certificates and other professional certificate programs aim to meet a growing demand for shorter, cheaper, career-focused education. Learn some virtual interview tips, as well as ways to remain productive while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Art internships help students hone both creative and professional skills, but COVID-19 has forced many organizations to change or cancel their programs. What questions should you be asking your high school guidance counselor? Find out what a director of college counseling has to say. Learn about the unique challenges facing minority students entering the workforce, and discover some of the best tips for easing this transition. We've listed eight great jobs for ENTJ personality types. Learn how many careers in STEM and business are suited to the talents of ENTJs. Read our list of the top 10 jobs in sports to find the sports career that fits your strengths and interests. Learn about the characteristics of ENFJs and explore top career choices for this personality type. Read through our list of the best jobs for ESTJs to find a career that matches your personality. Explore the best jobs for ESTPs by reading our informative guide. Find out which careers match these magnetic, extroverted individuals. We've listed the eight best jobs for ISTJs. Learn about common traits of this personality type and compare top careers for an ISTJ. College degree-holders are more likely to be able to work from home — a huge bonus on a shaky job market that's been otherwise punishing for college grads. Many people seek careers that bring meaning to their lives. These 10 happiest jobs promise both long-term professional satisfaction and solid salaries. Learn about the best careers for ISTP personality types. ISTPs often enjoy working alone, pay close attention to detail, and embrace practical thinking. Many work remotely due to COVID-19. For college students, remote jobs can offer flexibility, allow them to save money, and help them develop crucial skills. Learn how to take and pass the civil service exam. And explore a few jobs requiring the civil service exam. Read about the best jobs for ENFP personality types. Compare professional details and career projections to find a job that matches your strengths. We've identified some of the best jobs for ENTPs. These careers take advantage of your creativity, love of people, and problem-solving skills. Discover what your personality type says about you and your ideal job. Read about common INFP attributes and find a good career fit for your personality. We've listed eight top careers for INTP careers you can pursue. Compare different options and find a job that's a good match for your INTP personality. Despite the allure of cities, many college grads would prefer to work in smaller, more rural areas. Learn how to find a job outside the big city. A new report introduces the top workplace competencies — the knowledge, skills, and abilities — today's employers look for when evaluating job candidates. Many people with anxiety struggle to land a job they can perform confidently. Here, we list some of the best low-stress jobs for anxiety-prone individuals. Looking for a job that doesn't require a bachelor's? Learn about 20 in-demand jobs you can get with a two-year degree. Want to jumpstart or advance an IT career? These professional certifications provide evidence of your software and cloud computing expertise to clients. More than 1,200 business programs hold accreditation from ACBSP. Learn how this type of accreditation can impact your education and your future career. Professional certifications help workers advance their careers and boost their earning potential. Read more about role-specific certifications in this guide. Looking to advance your career? Learn about the benefits of professional certifications, and explore programs that can boost your credibility in your field. The pandemic has moved pretty much everything online, including college career fairs. Learn how to impress potential employers through your computer screen. INTJ personality types tend to prioritize logic, efficiency, and problem-solving. If you're an INTJ, consider pursuing one of these eight lucrative careers. College-to-career bridge programs prepare graduates for the workplace by helping them develop in-demand job skills and forge industry connections. In the midst of a global economic downturn due to the pandemic, these five essential job skills can help you sell yourself and land the position you want. Do numbers and logic entice you? If you're the introverted and focused type, one of these six jobs for analytical thinkers may be an ideal fit for you. Working in a cubicle isn't for everyone. If you love the outdoors, consider pursuing one of these five exciting nature jobs, from forestry to geology. Those employed in creative fields tend to be happiest with their careers. Discover the top five jobs for creative people, from graphic design to marketing. If you're an animal lover, you may want to consider working with animals. Discover the top five jobs involving animals, from veterinary medicine to ecology. Astronauts lead space missions, work with new technologies, and conduct research. Learn how to become an astronaut and what kind of preparation is required. A sports medicine degree teaches you how to treat and prevent sports injuries and prepares you for a lucrative career as an in-demand healthcare professional. The field of marketing is diverse and dynamic, regularly changing with the advent of new technologies. Learn about popular marketing specializations that can help you succeed. College students today face an uncertain future when it comes to work. Two career theories offer tips for job hunting and finding professional success. Oceanographers play a critical role in environmental protection and awareness. Learn what an oceanographer does and how to become one. A park ranger not only protects public lands but also interacts with visitors and enforces the law. Learn how to become a park ranger in this complete guide. COVID-19 has made career planning more uncertain than ever. Learn how to prepare yourself to face any challenges that may disrupt your professional journey. As college career centers go virtual due to COVID-19, students still need help finding jobs online, confirming internships, and improving professional profiles. Are unpaid internships worth it? Are they legal? Students unsure whether they can afford an internship need the right information and latest data. Starting a career in artificial intelligence is possible with the right education and experience. This article covers AI courses, jobs, and online AI resources. Coronavirus has highlighted the heroic efforts of front-line healthcare workers. Prospective healthcare students can expect jobs in this field to grow over the next decade. Interested in fighting climate change? You, too, can help the environment by pursuing one of these 10 popular climate change jobs. Searching for jobs in college is difficult. Discover the best tips and tricks for landing a job after college from career expert Mark Beal. College students may feel overwhelmed in their career search, but they needn't stress. Dr. Yessel Yoon provides some essential job search and application tips to help them succeed. Generation Z wants to know the best careers for the future. This guide breaks down the data on job growth, salaries, and careers with social impact. A professional addiction counselor describes her business and discusses life in the field.